Monday, December 5, 2011


it feels decemberish...
and it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas around here.

some evidences:

:: a little sneaky elf is residing at our house- his name is George Albert the Elf. we like this sneaky little guy. especially since he made us an amazingly delicious Santa-Pancake breakfast upon his arrival.
:: we have an impressive line-up of cold-cough remedies stacked on our counters
:: we went to our cute little Christmas Tree Lot down the street and hand-picked our cute little tree. we brought back the smells of heaven with us.
:: we got half-way through trimming the tree and ran out of lights. and realized we didn't have hooks to hang our ornaments with. so it stayed half-lit and undecorated for a day. drove me nuts.
:: my little helpers helped me make our own little colorfully funky pom-pom garland. it took way longer than i expected. and i love it.
:: Ellie literally squealed with delight putting the star on the tree. i loved that.
:: my little helpers have done lots of sporatic shopping and deal-searching with me, in hopes to find the perfect gifts for loved ones
:: and i've even been working on finishing that little rosette-wreath i pinned on pinterest like a year ago. i'm happy with how it's turning out.


we have been doing other decemberish things that are unpictured (for now) including (but not limited to):

:: Christmas lights on our little house
:: watching the First Presidency Christmas Devotional (if you missed it, you can watch here- it was wonderful).
:: listening to tons of Christmas music, full blast (even Angels We Have Heard On High...Jenny is my witness)
:: baking and eating way too many treats already...even for breakfast (take that, P90x!)
:: finally ordering our Christmas cards- i'm so excited with how they turned out. can't wait to send you one!
:: and, meeting Santa (which will be featured on its own post when i have time to scan the ridiculously priced picture (yes, Six Flags doesn't let you take a picture with your own camera anymore! ba humbug!)

we are loving December, as i'm sure you are too. 



Megan said...

what a cheery post! happy december to you all!

Kristi said...

looks like so much christmas fun! i love the wreath you are making. and darling snowman pancakes! what a fun mama you are.

Elyse.Beard said...

i'm surprised you even considered touching felt with a ten foot pole after that blasted quite book. Even though that cute wreath is worth it. so cute!

Jenny said...

NOOO Six Flags started charging for Santa!!! What is this world coming to.

Your wreath is adorable. I love wreaths. Your pom pom garland looks pretty cute too! I love all the Christmas fun.