Wednesday, November 30, 2011

thanksgiving 2011 highlights:

cooking cooking cooking
10 lbs of the creamiest potatoes you've ever tasted
Mimi's stuffing success
pushing strollers all over the house
little girls giggling
7 pies- including the most delicious pumpkin pie i've ever tasted, the most delicious apple pie i've ever tasted, and of course the famous razzleberry pie that makes all my dreams come true with every bite
50 buttery rolls
the most gorgeous turkey i've ever seen (and delicious, too. even though i tend to think turkey is weird and only eat it on thanksgiving)
the most beautiful table settings / fall decor
black friday shopping (at 3 am, with M. we are such weirdos!)
perfect weather
lovely morning runs on the beach
digging in the sand
cutest cousins playing non-stop with minimal fighting
sweetest sleeping Ruth
talking and laughing and poking fun at each other (dry cups vs liquid cups)
lots of playing outside
running and splashing in the ocean
a perfect beach sunset
time flying by

thanks Mom & Pops for such a memorable week.

and now, i can't believe the holidays are here. i'm sitting here sniffling and coughing my guts out- but i have christmas music blasting, so all is right in the world. i adore Christmas time. who doesn't? can't wait to get our tree and dress her up tonight!



Linda said...

My Beautiful Marci:
You never cease to delight us, with your jokes, and freckled smiles and your way with words, kids, and well pretty much EVERYTHING!... just who and how you are is pure delight. This Thanksgiving 2011 will forever be one of my favs ever!!!! You were all spectacularly wonderful. Can't believe Pops and I are this blessed.... and that we get to keep you forever. As always the pictures are amazing. For Christmas.... I want someone to update pictures for me to put in my digital frame . Just wishing. :)I miss you all too much. I have reconciled with the fact that I will never get used to our goodbyes. It will always sting bitterly but I will look forward to each visit like its my private Christmas morning.... the best gift ever to spend time with each of you! I know you will have a beautiful Christmas, because you have the " Midas Touch".... everything you touch Marci, turns into GOLD. Pamper yourself a little.... so you can get better.... and enjoy all your favorite things! I love you to the Highest of Highest Mountains where there are NO goodbyes.

Megan said...

So I was all ready with a comment and then I read your moms and started crying...and forgot what I was going to write! Except...sweet post + sweet comment. :)