Thursday, November 24, 2011

gratitude snippets: day 4.

this morning i should probably write about something profound that i am grateful for- seeing that it is the actual thanksgiving day.

but really my mind just keeps thinking about how grateful I am for morning runs on the beach (they are my happy place)...

and all the delicious food i get to eat today- including homemade pies and rolls... all of which i will shamelessly indulge in, to 100% capacity, with zero guilt, thanks to said run.

oh, and sharing the beach run my people was pretty awesome too.

hope you get to enjoy a delicious thanksgiving with some of your awesome people, too.

happy thanksgiving from so cal!


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Mat and Brooke said...

You're a good mama to let Ellie play in the sand in that beautiful red pea coat! I've never seen a little girl look so darling and fashionable at the beach! Hope you had a very happy Thanksgiving. You look so very cute running along the boardwalk...I looked at those muscly calves of yours and it brought me back to our cheerleading days!!

I would LOVE to catch up with you this summer!