Wednesday, November 23, 2011

gratitude snippets: day 3

today i am grateful for road trips.

i am grateful for these long car-rides that always involve some combination of the following: watching beautiful sunrises, singing songs, playing games, watching movies, eating treats and snacks, taking lots of potty breaks, stopping at farms, reading books, talking, crying, sleeping with a crink in your neck, yummy drinks, a massive amount of bedhead, and...the promise of ending up somewhere pretty cool.

so excited to be spending thanksgiving with my family- i even get to meet my new niece, Ruth! i'm so excited, i can't stand it.

Ellie was up at three am at my bedside telling me it was time to go. needless to say, she is pretty excited too.

hope you get to spend the holiday with people you love!



Jenny said...

Stop it. You're not supposed to look that cute on a road trip! Enjoy your family time :)

Allie said...

I agree with Jenny. Enough of that! Have a good thanksgiving!