Wednesday, September 28, 2011

happy happy happy.

"Since you get more joy out of giving joy to others, you should put a good deal of thought into the happiness that you are able to give."
-Eleanor Roosevelt

last week my friend Jenny did a happy list on her blog.
a bunch of things that were making her feel happy.
i like Jenny because she is real and funny but positive. her list made me feel happy. and made me realize that similar things were making me happy, too.
yesterday i read another happy list on one of my favorite blogs, Rockstar Diaries. 
that Naomi is adorable. and is so good at finding joy in the little things...especially in being a mom. i like her and sometimes wish we were friends.

i realize that sometimes on my blog i can be a little bit of a downer.
life can be nuts, you know?
one minute, everything feels fine- and the next...WHAM. things change. little ones get sassy. littler ones start walking and bonking heads on every sharp edge imaginable...resulting in blood. loved ones may pass away. good health can change to poor health. the list could go on and on.

being a stay-at-home-mom is the thing i always wanted to be when i grew up. i wanted to have my cute house and my cute hubby who came home and kissed me every night and my cute kids and my cute plates to serve my cute dinner on. i  didn't really realize how challenging it would be to keep everything cute.  because life gets caarraaazzzzy. sometimes i'm cooking the spaghetti when i realize there's blood dripping from Alice's mouth, and Ellie just spilled milk on the carpet and M walks through the door and wants that cute kiss and i am panicking hearing the timer go off for the spaghetti, while seeing the milk seep in the carpet and the blood getting ready to drip on Alice's new shirt. what issue do i address first? chaos, i tell you. to the point that i'm holding my breath basically all day, and consuming abnormal amounts of bread and chocolate to cope with the nuttiness.

but just because things are crazy and chaotic doesn't mean that there isn't joy.
i have so much to be grateful for -- and so many little things that make me happy every day.

so here's my happy list to share with you-
thanks to Naomi and Jenny sharing theirs with me.

10. Ellie's silly faces. and her need to have several "silly face photos" taken a day.

9. my beautiful new grass in my front yard- and the man laying the sod using a machete to cut the edges. classy. (it's getting all finished today- and then most assuredly deserves it's own post soon. because having your own grass and flowers when you've been living with weeds, mud, and ghetto-ness is AWE-SOME).

{picture taken from my kitchen window- the dudes are out the working and i felt weird to go out there with my camera ... again, more to come, pinky-promise}

8. Alice's lady-bug jammies. these were actually Ellie's when she was a baby. and they are just my very favorite baby jammies ever. the best part is when her little tummy hangs out the bottom of them. oh gosh, her round little belly is simply edible.

7. evening runs- two nights ago, M went on a guys' night with his brothers (who were here from out of town) and his Dad. since the girls and i had the night to ourselves, i decided to take them for a sunset run. the weather was absolutely perfect- a soft little breeze, a beautiful sky, and not a soul on the streets. i love my stroller, my healthy body, that perfect night and that perfect run.

6. side-by-side hotel-room beds for the spazzy 3-year old to jump back and forth on.

5. Alice's little white pants...and her "big-girl stance." i honestly can't believe she is walking so well everywhere. it's absolutely adorable and absolutely saddening at the same time. but mostly it just makes me happy because she is so proud of herself and usually squeals the whole time she walks from one place to the next.

4. bed-time stories with Gammy. brings back so many wonderful memories of being a feisty little girl myself.

3. the beautiful Utah mountains. they rejuvenate my soul. and i miss them all the time.

2.  Fall TV- especially that Modern Family started again. holy hilariousness.

1. the big carts at Sam's or Costco- so that both girls can sit side-by-side. especially when Ellie casually puts her arm around lil Alice like she's the best thing in the world (rather than the casual punches she's usually throwing throughout the day).

1- part B (because this photo is just stinkin' adorable)- eating treats as much as possible- especially from our favorite little local bakery, sweet affair. oh how we love our cookies and cakes over here.

yes yes i am happy.
happy happy happy.



Jenny said...

i love all the happy things and the shout out! it's funny you should reference my happy post today because i was writing complainy posts in my head this afternoon. ha. luckily thinking about your grass makes me smile so the happiness is contagious! i drove by this afternoon--i didn't really get to see that much because the workers were there and i didn't want to scare them but it was looking good!

Kristi said...

Fun photos! I LOVE that last photo. Can't believe your Alice is getting so big already! Seems like yesterday I was reading your blog about when she was born! Times goes so fast. By the way - I am SO proud of you for running the Ragnar! My sister is running in next week in her area. She has been training like mad for it - I don't know if I could ever do it!

Megs said...

Marci dear, you are one of the happiest people I have ever known or met. Truly. Your blog always finds a way to make me smile. I had to laugh at the shopping cart photo because Tim took one identical of our girls just 2 weeks ago! Having two girls is the BEST! :)

Linda said...

Secreat fantasy!
I want to wallpaper my bedroom walls with photographs like these of my darling grand daughters and their amazing parents. Can you arrange that? AGH! I love the many, many endless moments of joy captured. Thank YOU!!!!!!!!!!

Linda said...

I meant secret!