Friday, September 30, 2011

friday, beautiful friday.

there are so many reasons to be happy it's Friday:

1) general conference weekend. my soul is ready for some spiritual uplifting

2) general conference = an excuse to eat an insane amount of delicious food. we will be eating buttermilk waffles with tons of strawberries and peaches and blueberries, whipped cream and maple syrup, steaks, potatoes, chips & homemade guac, and pumpkin bread-- hopefully not all at once.

3) i've had a nasty flu and am finally feeling a little better this afternoon (which may explain the hefty list of foods on #2- i've been surviving on saltines since Wednesday night. ick). being sick is super lame. feeling better is super awesome. and i kinda want to climb a mountain (since i've been laying on the couch for two days straight).

4) family time. we haven't had some time with just our family at home for a few weeks now- with family in town, us going out of town, the Ragnar, etc etc. sometimes it's just nice to not have any place you HAVE to be, yes?

and so, i'm happy its friday- knowing we'll probably spend the weekend in our dress-ups, watching conference inside Ellie's princess tent, eating delicious fattening food while our souls get spiritually fat, too.

oh and we'll probably spend some time rolling around on our new grass.
because it's so green and so-super awesome.

happy friday/weekend!


Linda said...

Your pictures made our day. Still typing with pinky injury and all! You are amazing. It's settled.
Your menu sounds much like ours..... minus the steak.... ahhhh! Love Conference weekend. Now send those fairies our way.... wont ya!?
PS always great talking to you! Te quiero niƱita! bella. Mua!

Megs said...

I loved your list of foods because that's generally how our general conference weekends go :) Yum! And your fairies couldn't be any cuter!

PS - I always love when your mom posts right before me because I get to read her sweet comments to you. So sweet. You're a lucky girl!