Thursday, September 15, 2011

11 months = 11 a few more.

today marks Alice's 11 month of life.
11 months.
almost a 1 year old.
and so, i thought i'd post 11 recent and adorable pictures of miss Alice- since pictures are just the best part anyway.
yes, there are some repeats.
because a few of these adorable pictures just got globbed into some of my mega posts...and they're just too cute to go overlooked.
such a sweetie, this little Miss Alice.



ok, ok.
so there were 15 pictures...i just got uploading pictures and couldn't narrow it down.
can't believe it's already been a year since i was ready to welcome this sweet Alice in the world.
such a sweet adventure this year has been.
and you know what a birthday means-
a birthday party!
can't wait to throw it...1-year-old parties are the best.
and in celebration of the circus we've become as a family since Alice entered the world, we're throwing her a circus-themed party. (if you're on Pinterest, i'm sure you've seen all my crazy pinning going on).
should be fun and sweet- just like the birthday girl.
and then, she can officially stop growing up.
because i like her the way she is.



Mat and Brooke said...

Marce, she is sooo darling. SO darn cute. But I wouldn't have expected anything else to come out of someone as cute as you. :)

Linda said...

Help! I did something to your blog page, that the writing is " ity bity tiny" I can't read it. Dad tried to fix it but could not do it either! Maybe Mim's will have t take a look later. But love the pictures which were like rain in a drought! Loved them. Thank You honey,. Dad will call you this weekend to make arrangements.
Love you to pieces.

Adrienne said...

love your blog as always but I have a question. Where in the world do you get all your adorable headbands? I am not a girlie girl and am trying to learn for my sweet baby.

Megs said...

These pictures couldn't be any cuter! She looks so big! And I love your circus theme - so cute & clever! I can't wait to see pictures!

Faye said...

Such darling pictures of such a darling little girl. The Minnie Mouse one and the one of her on the beach in the all time cutest swimsuit ever are more favorites - except there's the tutu one . . . no wonder you couldn't narrow it down. I'm so glad Mom's have better camera's and skills than I did when my kids were little (can you tell I have pathetic baby pics of my own kids?) These are priceless!