Tuesday, July 19, 2011

swappin' spit.

oh the sweet sisterly moments.
the tenderness just does a mama's heart good.

can't believe this one is already chuggin' from a straw! where has the time gone???????

*ps: i loved these pictures because i have an almost identical picture of Ellie at this age slurping out of an almost identical cup with a straw. i just searched my blog and found it here, on Ellie's "longer out than in" post(apparently that's a tradition too, as i just did one of those for Alice last week)...just in case you wanted to take a peek at 9-month Ellie. she was such a sweet little thing too. wow, can't believe how fast they change from babies to sassy 3 year olds. sigh. it goes without saying, but i love these two girls, so so so much. sassy-pants and all.


1 comment:

Linda said...

I wanna fill those tippy cups with endless love , hugs and kisses.