Wednesday, March 11, 2009

out and in

ellie has been out as long as she was in.
i'd like to know this:
why didn't pregnancy go by this fast?
because, i didn't.

one word, and one word alone, can describe E these days:

she is so feisty in every way!
she is feisty when she plays- she knows exactly what toy she wants...and WILL NOT deviate from it (this includes computers, computer cords, tv remotes, textbooks, cell-phones, and mail). she is not easily convinced to want something else. feisty, i tell you.

she is feisty when we kiss her...and she pushes our faces away with her little feisty hands.

she is feisty when we touch her hands...and she pulls them away as if to say, "excuse me. can't you see you're invading my personal space?"

she is feisty when it's time to brush her teeth. i can't help her do it. SHE has to do it. but she doesn't know how. she's a baby. she just chews on the thing.

she is feisty when we feed her and she grabs the spoon from us as if to say, "you were going too slow."

she's feisty when we take her on walks. she HATES not being able to see me. so i basically have to walk in front of her the whole time. let's just say i'm developing some stellar moon-walking skills.

she is feisty when we wrap her up in her blanket before a nap or bedtime, and she kicks that blanket off with attitude, and screeeaaammmms. i can just hear her saying, "i am NOT TIRED. hello!!!??? i SAID, I AM NOT TIRED!"

she is feisty when she's finally asleep. multiple times, i've caught her sleeping like this:

and like this:

she is feisty when i'm trying to change her diaper, or get her dressed, and it turns into a wrestling match...ellie usually wins. i can rarely pin her.

she is feisty when she jumps in her jumper (a gift we bought her for Christmas...and HATED until a couple of weeks she's a-ddicted). she goes crazy in that thing! spinning, bouncing high, fast...holy smokes feisty pants!

she is feisty when she's ready to watch baby einstein....she'll go over to the dvd's, find the one she wants to watch, and stand up in front of the tv while holding the dvd in her hand.

she is feisty with the cupboards. she basically wants to eat cleansers, touch knives, and destroy, destroy, destroy. really. so i stand in front of the cupboards. she does NOT like that.

she is feisty when she eats cheerios. she puts like 10 in her mouth at one time. and then starts choking and naturally has to spit some out. and i'm like, dude, you don't have any teeth. SLOW DOWN. feisty mouth.

she is feisty with me. she doesn't let me out of her sight. she always wants to be in my arms. sounds sweet, right? it is 99% of the time. the other 1% of the time, i have to pee...and really, how can i do that with her in my arms?

she is feisty when she's thirsty. she'll grab her lil cup so hard and fast...and slurp up such fast gulps that she is literally winded after drinking. makes me laugh just typing about it.

she is feisty when we are reading stories. she is always trying to open books and turn pages...and has ripped out several pages in the process. yes, these are board-books we are talking about. feisty, i tell you.

she is feisty in the car. sometimes she screams the entire car ride (whether its 10 minutes or 1 hr) and other times she's completely content back there. is it car sickness? is it loneliness? is it being strapped down? let's just say we're counting down the days till we can get a forward facing carseat...

she is feisty with her love. she crawls all over us and kisses us all over our faces. very slobbery. she screams herself to sleep because she'd rather be falling asleep on our shoulders. she holds our faces in her hands as if to say, "you're mine, you know." and she'd rather be with us, playing, being held, looking at a book, or crawling all over us than to be alone at any moment. now that's love.

oh ellie, you feisty thing.
i love your feistyness.
these 9 months have been the best of my life.
can't wait for 9 more!


Jylaire said...

I have a feeling that you've got a little London on your hands! You've gotta love it! Just call me when she turns two, and I can tell you that eventually it calms down a bit! She is just perfect!

Candace said...

have i told you i see a lot of you in her? not sure if i have, but her cheeks and smile are just like yours--adorable. it looks like she's keeping you guys going.

Linda said...

Ellie, Mike and Marci:
You are perfect for each other! I loved the candid pictures that capture her personality and yours!
She is my little fisty sunshine, couldn't live without her!

Clay and Jenna said...

Wow! Isnt she a darling fiesty girl!! I adore these pictures of her and so wish I could meet her:)

Marci + Dan said...

I love this post. She must get her spiciness from her mama :)

Megan said...

What a fun post to read. She is a little firecracker I can see! Not a vanilla child! I love a girl with some spunk. :) What a doll! We need to get together more so our babies can hang. We missed you time...

Lynne said...

I loved this story. I miss the 3 of you so much, but especially little Ellie because she is changing so much. Her little personality has always been very large and very strong. I love watching her grow. She is amazing. I love the way she is so opinionated and knows what she wants. It will be a great asset when she is older. Kiss her for me. Hugs and Kisses