Wednesday, March 11, 2009

my school is cool.

a brag moment, please.


i'd like to tell you about my wonderful elementary school.

it is called Manila Elementary.
it is located in Pleasant Grove.
it's the bomb dot com.

here's a picture of my fellow kindergarten teachers.

i love them.
they're the best of the best.
and have truly changed my life for good.
i'm so lucky to get to teach with them.

ok, now for the real point of my bragging.

this weekend, my wonderful elementary school is holding an Arts Festival.
check out this flier made by the lovely RaeAnn:

it's going to be mega fun!

if you'd like to flash-back to elementary days, help support this lovely school fund raiser, and hang out with me, my kindergarten buddies, and M & E, let me know. consider yourself invited.



Linda said...

What a difference when one is surrounded by good people at work!
Will you miss it after the summer?
I am proud of you!
Love MOM

Linda said...

I wish I could have seen the kids faces when they finally met Ellie. And how Ellie acted around sooo many little kids!
She did look so cute yesterday!