Tuesday, March 10, 2009

the two most important things to me are:

1. my family.
2. my religion.

i don't like riling people up.
i don't like picking fights (or noses).
i don't like confrontation.

but when someone messes with my family or my religion...i get a bit defensive.

this sunday, to be aired on HBO's Big Love, are parts of the temple ceremony and the revealing of temple clothing.
this is something that is very sacred to me.
and something that is very sacred to members of the LDS church.
so, it upsets me.
does it upset you too?

if so, let HBO kindly know how you feel about it by clicking here.


Linda said...

I did write to HBO. It's amazing that there are no ethical lines some people will not cross. Such dis-regard and concern for sacred things! I mean, really! Obviously the source that has put this together has done so dishonestly! This is something I told them. Big difference between what is SECRET and what is SACRED!! One must speak up... but it is a comfort to know that Heavenly Father is mindful and in perfect control of HIS affairs. Thank You for caring about this. I am so pleased that you don't stand around and do NOTHING.
I love you to the Highest Mountain ( This time ... referring to the Mountain of the Lord!)

Kristi said...

That fires me up. I wrote them. Hopefully they'll listen to all these comments and reconsider airing that episode.

Ju and Brack said...

Thanks for the link. I wrote them too!

Danielle said...

ARG! Frustrates me so much. Thanks for the link. I hope all our comments will help them reconsider.

bartonbeat said...

thanks for the link, just sent off a heated e-mail.

i don't know why the media is so fixed on violating our right to keep religion sacred. did you see the law and order episode last fall that featured polygamy and garments--with symbols? i was sick.

this week i lost even more respect for tom hanks, as he is one of the producers of big love.

Amy said...

HBO just got an earful from me! I tried to be nice- I always learned "kill em with kindness" right?! But I'm with you- nobody messes with my family or religion! I'm interested to see what happens with this. Thanks for the link!

Blair said...

i wrote.
thanks for the link.
i admire you.

Clay and Jenna said...

I wrote. I'm positive they will show it. I'm positive I'm disappointed. I'm positive I wont watch. The problem is that really you have to "experience" it for it to mean anything. All these people watching it will be like watching any wedding on tv it wont have the meaning and value behind it because they are not truly experiencing it. And seriously it's not an overly exciting ceremony for tv/hollywood so you know they will spice it up for ratings and viewers pleasure so there is no way it can be truly accurate and keep anyone who has never experienced its attention because without the meaning and value it is void and boring...that's my rant. love you girl!