Sunday, July 31, 2011

holga: Santa Cruz.

can you believe it's the last day of July?
i feel like summer is slipping through my fingers and i don't know how to stop it.
it's been wonderfully memorable.
even with (and maybe especially because) two little girls latched on my leg and/or hip. (such cuties).

one of my favorite things we've done this summer, by far, was going to Santa Cruz for M's birthday.
back story:
M wanted me to plan the day, without any of his help (talk about pressure).
so i thunk and thunk and thunk...
and going to Santa Cruz came to mind, as it's something we've talked about wanting to do for-e-ver (Sandlot style).
so the birthday boy had to work for a few hours, we met for a birthday lunch with grandpa + grandma, and then we gave him some new board-shorts....and headed out 1 1/2 hours to the beach/boardwalk of Santa Cruz.
have you heard about Santa Cruz?
it's adorable.
it's basically this mini-amusement park/carnival right along the beach.
tons of cute, over-priced kiddie rides.
typical swings and Ferris wheels.
delicious funnel cakes, corn dogs, & my personal favorite- cotton candy.
and surrounded by yards and yards of sand to dig and sun-bathe to your hearts content.
so of course, we enjoyed it all.
we rode rides.
we dug dug dug and ran ran ran in the sand.
we stuffed our faces with greasiness and sugar.
and we had the best day ever.
the girls had a blast.
i had a blast.
and the birthday boy had a blast.
so. i'd call it a success.
a big one. (phew).



Megs said...

Those pictures are summer defined. Perfection.

Linda said...

As always the pictures you share are a treasure to me. And YES.... summer has melted away ever so fast! I went to Tai Pan and they had set up all their Halloween and Fall things! As much as I ( we) love Fall.... it took me by surprise. The world is always in such a hurry. Thank goodness for the little ones.... who simply put " are not". xoxox Miss you.

Shaylynn;) said...

My oh my, I love your blog.
You capture the best moments in life, the simple kind that so many forget to freeze w/a camera.

FYUI- (For Your Useless Info) My cousin and his wife just moved to your little area of the world, so if you run across a beautiful couple by the name of Cardinet, you have found them:)