Saturday, August 13, 2011


have you noticed my empty presence in the blogosphere?
maybe you haven't.
i'm just in one of those funks i sometimes get in.
where blogging sounds hard.
making dinner sounds hard.
coming up with a dinner plan sounds hard.
wiping yet another bum sounds hard.
and all the other things in life that really are hard seem really really really hard.
no i'm not depressed.
no i'm not just trying to be dramatic.
i just am feeling funky.
and need to find my spark and groove again.
anyone seen my spark or groove laying around?
please return them both asap.
till then, here's a couple of treasures to prove we're alive and well.
(because just cuz i'm in a funk doesn't mean i've put down the camera(s)).



Jenny said...

those have been my thoughts exactly this week. maybe funks are contagious?

Shaylynn;) said...

Funks are no good, so long as you recognize you're in one, you are absolutely 100% capable of finding your way out of it.

I think it's the winding down of summer for me.

Amber said...

I so get that, Marci. You are absolutely allowed to be in a funk now and then; and you will naturally drift out of it when it has run it's course. Guaranteed, or your money back.

Megs said...

I have noticed that you're missing and missed your posts terribly. But I understand. Funks are no bueno. Come back soon, please :)

Ashley said...

There's more spark in the little toe of your soul than most of us have in our whole bodies. You're entitled to a few funks. The rest of us need some time to catch up to you.

I've been in a little funk too I must confess.

With everything.

I don't have any answers for you. I'm eating peanut M&M's in bed watching the Bachelorete. Isn't that the epitome of "funk"?

I love ya.

And I know we haven't seen each other in a gazillion years, but I think you should plan a vacay to New York to come see me. Yes?

Linda said...

I did notice you have been quieter! ;) We must be connected or something because I think my spark is hanging out with yours!
Missed each and every one of you at the wedding this weekend. Everyone asks about you and sends their love. I could not possibly tell you " who" everyone means.... but I am sure you can figure out who those dear people are. The pictures did my soul good and even yelled out at my " spark" to get back here! Love you Marci. I am so excited to see you soon. That will do us all so much good.... and I KNOW MR. DISNEY will definitely put some spark back into your life. xoxoxo