Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Ellie Week: Ellie is the best big sister.

{taken at Baskin Robbins last night...i love watching little people lick ice-cream-cones}

{taken this morning- Birthday Week Day 2 = a new Mickey Mouse Clubhouse DVD & a couple more books. Ellie looovvveesss Birthday Week. who doesn't?}

Ellie loves her baby Alice...like, a loootttt.
she tries to make her smile all day long.
she shows her how toys work.
and tells her stories.
and reads her books.
nothing makes Ellie more upset than when Alice is crying.
and nothing can cheer her up faster than hearing Alice giggle.
Ellie gets so excited when Alice does something new or exciting.
"Look, you're crawling Alice!"
"You can stand Alice!? Good Job!"
"Isn't that banana yummy!?"
"You pooped! Wow! Go Alice!" (can you tell we talk a little too freely about poop over here?)
Alice lovvveeess Ellie. she looks for Ellie right when she wakes up- and follows her around all day long. she gets distraught whenever Ellie leaves the room.
sure, Ellie swipes things from poor Alice non-stop, and sometimes is a little to generous with her smothering affections...but all in all, Ellie and Alice are the cutest little team I ever did see.

it's funny to think and remember how worried i was about Ellie being a big sister and how she'd handle having a baby to share attention with.
we've definitely had our moments...but i have to say, seeing Ellie as a big sister makes me love her even more. and makes being a mama even sweeter, if that's even possible.
thank heavens for sisters.
thank heavens for families.

birthday week is fun, huh!?


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Megs said...

birthday week IS fun...and those pictures. melt my heart. so precious.