Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Ellie Week: Ellie loves to sing.

 {taken this morning, Birthday Week Day 3: pure joy opening a new Snow White + Prince little figurine wedding set. i love clearance toy sections so much}

i know, i know.
i already highlighted Ellie's love for singing last week.
so this post is mostly for the grandmas who just can't get enough of this sorta thing.*

*disclaimer: if you are slim on time and want to choose just one or two videos to watch, i recommend watching the fourth (Ellie singing the tangled reprise) and the fifth (Ellie singing bumblebee tuna)...and the sixth. those are my faves. and they're pretty short.

as i have told you gazillions of times, Ellie loves music.
and i absolutely love that she loves music.
we play the piano together multiple times a day.
Ellie knows that it takes lots of practice to play the piano, and tells me, "i want to be reeeeeeealllllllyyyy good when i'm big like a mommy."

we listen to music and sing songs or have dance parties practically all day long.

even when she's just sitting there playing, i'll hear her humming a tune or singing to Alice. she especially loveeesss singing her ABC's.

right when we get in the car, she is sure to request the exact song she wants to listen to...and can usually sing right along (right now we all have all of the Tangled songs memorized because that's all she wants to listen to. scream.).

one of Ellie's favorite little jingles to sing is the Bumblebee Tuna jingle- M remembers it from a tv commercial from when he was a kid and taught it to Ellie.

my absolute favorite is when she changes the words to bumblebee tuna...or other songs. she's so stinkin' silly.

i highly doubt she'll be the next American Idol or anything like that, but i sure do love watching her grow and discover talents and hobbies. being a mom is just so dang fun!

and thus...birthday week continues!
stay tuned- tonight is Ellie's ballet recital- so there's sure to be some good stuff tomorrow.


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Elyse.Beard said...

I am dying of love for your little girl! Geez louise she is cute. I love Ellie week.