Thursday, June 9, 2011

Ellie Week: I love ballerina Ellie.

dance dance dance dance dance.
that's what's on Ellie's mind...all. the. time.
she's been talking about this ballet recital for weeks and weeks and weeks- showing me her butterfly moves and her spins and turns.
she loves to dance.
and i love watching her dance.

i also love seeing her all decked out in tights, the leo, and her foofy tutu.
gosh, is there anything cuter on a 3 year old than a tutu?
i think not. i think not.
so naturally, i took 152 pictures last night (really. i'm nuts) because i thought she looked so cute.
so welcome to yet another photo-overload post.


and then Ellie got in "recital mode" and started fluttering away like a little butterfly. she would not stay still for another photo. i couldn't blame her.

fly, Ellie, FLY!

and so i said, Ellie, please pose just one more time for Mama.
(and then i may or may not have told her i'd give her an oreo if she gave me a good ballerina pose).
so for two seconds she posed.
and it was a very cute two seconds.

when we finally got to the recital, she was so excited, she couldn't stand it.
she kept giggling and smiling and kept admiring the other girls.
and then she'd start practicing her moves on the big wood floors.
she was in dancing heaven.

and then it was recital time.
this is about 3 minutes long but it is so cute.
and again, it's mostly for the g-mas.

one of the funnest things about dance is that she's been able to be in the same class as four of her favorite little girls. they are all so cute with each other and all danced so well last night (though we missed one of them who is out of town).

{havin' a post-recital treat & chat with her little friend Kate}

M was super cute and brought Ellie some colorful Daisies.
she was amazed that they were hers.

all in all, she was pretty dang happy and proud of herself.
and she had a blast doing it.

i just adore ballerina Ellie.
we all do!

what a fun thing to add to our already-fun birthday week.
i'm getting tired, though (and it's only 10 am).
still, in spite of sleepiness, i'll be back tomorrow to report some more birthday week fun.
(oh the crazy things we do in the name of fun, huh??)



Megs said...

lllooooovvveee little ballerinas! This entire post made me squeal with delight at the cuteness.

Shelli said...

Ellie is totally darling, Marce. I love all your pictures of her. We can't wait to enter the dance class stage. I'm glad you're loving it!

Linda said...

You know you are a Sentimental Gammy when her little ballerina butterfly grand daughter makes her cry!!!! QUE BELLA! I loved her in her tutu and she looks like an angel in that color of blue. Thank You for posting and for sharing such a wonderful experience. How precious Marci! It did my heart good and now I am off with a smile on my face and a longing to see you all! I love you! Give that little butterfly and the other one in the making a gentle hug from her Gammy.