Friday, June 10, 2011

Ellie Week: Ellie is a princess.

today i am letting Ellie be in dress-ups all day long.
this morning we went on a run to the park with Ellie dressed up as Minnie Mouse.

now she's dressed up as Cinderella.
and i'm even being a super-cool mama by letting her run all of our errands in her princess dresses (she tells me Rapunzel is next).
i love her cute little imagination that wants to be dolled up all day, every day, just like her favorite characters.
i just love princess Ellie.

and that's all for today.
because partying and baking cupcakes and doing room-redo preparations are weighing down my to-do list...because...

tomorrow is her birthday!
hope i have a minute or two to jump on and show you her new room. and i also hope it comes together....

sending you some birthday week happiness + love!



Megs said...

squeal...I love the princess dress up stuff, too. :)

Elyse.Beard said...

can't wait to see her room!!

Linda said...

You ARE the coolest MOM. That is the best idea to let her dress up and down and change all day long into whatever princess she wants to be. I can just picture her in my mind. I can also picture her surprised with her makeover room. She LOVES surprises. I wish I was there to help you. Sounds like a lot of fun. I love you all and am so proud of how you invest yourselves so passionately into each other! That's what life is all about! :) Besitos! MOM

Lea Tame said...

Oh, I'm so excited to have a princess now! Ellie is just that cute to make me want a million girls!