Sunday, June 12, 2011

Ellie week: Ellie turns three.

three years ago my heart grew a bjillion sizes.
three years ago i learned what it really meant to be worried.
three years ago i put diapers on backwards and called the dr's office multiple times a day.
three years ago i had my last care-free nights of sleep.
three years ago Ellie was born.
three years ago she gave me my greatest treasure: motherhood.
three years ago, my life changed forever.

i love you Ellie girl.
thank you for three years of joy, tears, laughs, hugs, fears, and kisses.
love you to the highest mountain top!

*ps: sorry this post is delayed- M and i pulled an all-nighter getting her room together for her birthday yesterday and then headed to Six Flags after the big reveal. needless to say, we came home last night and crashed the minute we sat our bums on our comfy yellow vouch....and i am a zombie-freak today. promise to show pictures of it all soon! i am happy to report that it was a HUGE hit! (phew!)



Amber said...

That's adorable and sweet. Totally can't tell that you're tired - enjoy resting on that Vouch.

Allie said...

Having only recently undergone the transformation from sane person to mom, I must say this sums it up pretty well. You have one heck-of-a-cute three year old! Happy birthday, Ellie and family!