Monday, June 6, 2011

Ellie week: Ellie is fun.

birthdays in our house are a pretty big deal.
we go all sorts of crazy and celebrate the birthday person not just on their special day, but on every day the week leading up to it.
i know some people think it's nuts- but i tend to adore the idea of birthdays- it's such a beautiful way to celebrate a person and how special they truly are...and in my opinion, you just can't do it justice in a single day!
so while it can be exhausting, it's also all sorts of ridiculous fun.
and its super awesome-sauce when it's your turn.
(some mention of my last birthday week here).

so Ellie turns three on Saturday- which means it's her birthday week!
she woke up this morning to this semi-ghetto birthday banner:

and a couple of lil presents

(books we got for free off craigslist and a little princess to replace a broken one).

she was thrilled.
and has been looking at the books all morning (score).

tonight we'll go get an ice cream cone from baskin robbins for FHE- (gotta love the free birthday cone). and at the end of the day, she'll take off a little ring from her birthday-countdown garland, and replace the number 6 with the number 5. nothing too flashy in birthday week- just a way to create excitement, anticipation, and to make sure Ellie knows we are so mega-stoked that she was born.

so since we'll be celebrating her here everyday, and since there is just so much to say about this little spicy year old, i thought i'd do an Ellie Week on my blog (like i did here) where each day i share a new little Ellie-ism or thing i love about her. because let's be honest- i'm her mom and i think she's pretty wonderful.

not to be too obvious, but Ellie is fun.

i love how fun she is. she loves to be silly and giggle and make other people giggle too. she spends a good part of her day getting her face real close to Alice's and making really weird noises or bursts of laughter just to see Alice smile.

she changes words to songs to make us laugh. and she talks wayyy too much about toots because she knows daddy thinks it's hilarious.

she loves playing with her toys and is getting so good at pretending.

she loves running outside and going crazy.

she says the funniest things, and thanks to her twitter account, i'll be able to remember some of them when i'm old and gray. i love this fun, funny Ellie!

can't wait to share many more Ellie-isms all week long....

man, birthday weeks are just the best!



Jenny said...

i love the idea of a birthday week! i always try to pull that on my birthday but then everyone gets sick of celebrating after a couple days. ha. no spirit over here at my house :)

so i think i'm going to end up going to idaho in between AZ and UT and just doing a big old marathon trip, so there's a good chance we will miss ellie celebrations. but we will definitely be getting her a present this week anyway! we love ellie, she's the cutest.

Megs said...

I l.o.v.e. the idea of birthday "week"! Birthdays are important around our house, too and we sure do love to party! Tim even took work off today to celebrate mine. Always lots of fun. Ellie is just darling. I so wish she & Emerie could meet & play...They would have a lovely time with their princess dolls & cute imaginations :)

Linda said...

Happy Birthday Week to Ellie and the entire family! Wish I could be there to celebrate with you. I hope you like the Birthday box coming your way. Tell Ells that the miniature sea creatures are for singing for me!
What great ideas you have. You really are such an inspiration.
HUgs mi hijita! Besitos a todos,

Lea Tame said...

Love birthday week! I try to do the same thing but usually end up just going totally crazy on the actual birthday. So excited for Ellie week though!