Tuesday, December 8, 2009

welcome to Ellie week. part I: playful Ellie

so, it's been a while since i've posted about Ellie.
a long while.
and she's so big now.
like she says sentences like "tank-you mama."
and she jumps with both feet off of the ground.
which surprises me every time.
and she's basically like a 16 year old these days.
ok not really.
but i feel like there is just SO much to say about her...i couldn't possibly fit it all into one big stew post or one big top 10 list. i just can't do it. SO!
i am going to devote an entire week of posts to my Ellie girl.
that's right.
you're going to get a new Ellie post every single day this week.
because she turns 18 months this week (whaaatt the?).
and because this is my blog.
and i can do that sort of thing on my blog.

Ellie has become such a playful little thing.
in fact, rather than sit and eat her breakfast...or sit and do anything really, she'll look at me with those big brown/green (still no definitive color) eyes and say, "plllllllaayy??" i have to convince her that eating is necessary and playing is secondary...but i'm not sure she believes me.
she loves playing with her baby, playing peekaboo, pretending to fly like tinkerbell (which i will highlight in a future post), playing with all sorts of bouncy balls (basketballs, soccerballs, etc), jumping, dancing, and laughing whenever anyone else laughs.
her favorite is to play WITH somebody (even though she does have moments of independence, for which i am grateful). in fact, when she realizes no one is playing with her, she'll come up to you, grab you by your index finger, and drag you next to her toys and say "toys. plllaaayy." and i think to myself, "man, you know what you want and you know how to go and get it, dontcha kiddo?"
i love this playful, interactive 18 month Ellie.

more fun facts about this adorable toddler to come tomorrow...


Linda said...

I will look forward to a week of Ellie posts!Love it!
She is the smartest little girl...we are constantly " wowed" by her, how curious she is, how interested in learning, how she adores her routine and enjoys the breaks from it. I love that she is hugs you and kisses you freely. I love how she is crazy about her Momma and Dad. She is a sunshine in our lives and we are eternally grateful that you had her and share her with us! Can't wait till January. Take lots of pictures on Christmas! Hugs and Tickles to Ellie form her Gammy.

Mat and Brooke said...

She's such a doll! I can't believe how much that third picture reminds me of YOU, Marci! I feel like I've seen you make that exact face at least a thousand times. :) She's so darling. ...And it sounds to me like she talks just as well as my little Easton; who will be...THREE...this month! ;)

Ju and Brack said...

Since when is she allowed to grow up so much? I cannot believe she is 18 months old. You have an 18 month old :) What a sweet heart she is. I will love reading Ellie posts all week.

Megs said...

She is so darling & I look forward to more posts. What a sweet thing to do - she will cherish these things someday. :)