Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Ellie week part II: a belly full of apple juice

another little fact about Ellie for you on this "Ellie Week":

i'm 100% certain that this pot belly:

is filled 100% with apple juice.
the evidence:


and what a cute little pot belly it is.
it's so fun to kiss.
and gobble.
and tickle.
and to hear her point to it and say "button," for belly-button.


question: when do pot belly's become un-cute?
because i'm pretty sure i couldn't rock that look very well.
but for now, i'm hopin' hers stays for a long, long time.



bartonbeat said...

i love wade's belly too. it's the only "chubby baby" part left! SAD! i can't believe how big ellie is! looking forward to hopefully getting together with you... what are your days looking like?

Becca said...

I love this whole "Ellie week" idea. She's the cutest/smartest little girl ever. It's hard not to compare Bry with Ellie because it felt like she knew SO MANY words by his age. I'm just hoping that he will do the "gorilla" like her someday. haha. She's adorable.

Oh and that shoe with her in the last post was pretty cute too. Where did you get them? :) I want a "round toe with a strap" ha.

Lali Johnson said...

sadie points to her belly-button and says "boobie!"


at least Ellie's got it down :)

Linda said...

When you told me that Ellie would drink a gallon and a half of apple juice during the 5 days you were here... I did not believe you. I was a witness to the " apple juice monster!". She did drink it all.... and we bought an extra liter for the airplane! I love that little belly... and her tippy cups! Too cute! Missing you!