Thursday, December 10, 2009

Ellie week part III: technologically advanced

 {Ellie on the airplane, pushing the buttons on the arm-rest to change the channel. seriously!?}

the kids these days come out smarter and smarter, i swear.
Ellie is no exception.
i can't help but think back to when i was a kid when computers were the size of houses, cordless phones were THE BOMB!, and cell phones were the size of watermelons (think Julia Roberts on My Best Friend's Wedding...makes me laugh everytime she pulls out that brick!) that only rich people had in their cars.
then, the cell phone movement happened...and suddenly all the cool kids in high school had them.
i wasn't cool.
you see, i didn't get my first cell-phone till i was in college (i know, i was so deprived. i even walked to school, barefoot, uphill, both-ways, too. so sad).
i remember how cool i thought i was when i got that first phone (that teeny-screened nokia which died like 10 times...but which fostered many hours of playing "snake"- i owned that game)...and how it transformed my life. that was only like 6 years ago, folks.

and then there's Ellie. wow. she will never ever know what it's like to live without a cell phone. in fact, she pretty much thinks my iPhone is HERS. seriously. i can't even pull it out to make a phone-call or answer a phone-call without her saying "pone?" and her grabbing at it furiously.

 she not only knows how to unlock it, she knows how to navigate on it, choose which app she wants, exit out of an app she's sick of, and actually interact and play games on it without my help (such as shape games, alphabet games and number games). it kind of freaks me out.
and while it bugs me the point of even considering buying her an iTouch, just so that i can have my phone back (which is completely ridiculous...and yet i am constantly browsing for good deals on them), i am absolutely amazed by her technological savvyness. and i love her adorable, determined, pouty face she makes when she's playing with's as if she's saying, "this is serious business, mom. do NOT interrupt me."

it makes me realize that this really is going to be a crazy generation.

more about Ellie to come tomorrow!
(p.s. i'm loving Ellie week! it's so fun to tell you all about my little best friend--and the reasons why i love her. hope you're not too overwhelmed by it :) )



Megs said...

OH MY WORD! I laughed so hard reading this, because Emerie is the SAME WAY! Her fascination with technology started so early & it has developed into something scary. This post was just too perfect - I understand all too well.

Oh, and I didn't get a cell phone until college, either. :)

jenny said...

i am loving ellie week! that is amazing she can totally navigate your iphone! such a little doll.

i didn't get a cell phone until college either and i totally thought i was deprived. my kids will wonder how i survived.

Amy Kaye said...

I know how you feel. I didn't get my first cell phone till Rob and I got engaged. We got phones so we could talk to each other while I was in Rexburg. And now my 14 year old brother has an i5phone and I don't :(
James is the same way. Whenever my parents are around he is obsessed with their iphones. They downloaded toddler apps for him and just like Ellie he knows his way around. That's actually a big reason why I want to buy one is cause of how much he's learned playing the toddler games.

Linda said...

Once again.... we witnessed this little genius handle the games on Marci's phone. We were all amazed. She can do things I can't do! I am amazed by these children that can learn ever so fast things about the technology they are growing up with.
Yet~ she still loves the old fashion songs and stories ~ I love how she shouts : "yeah!~" when we are done singing a song~ or how she speaks up her song request. These days her fav seems to be Twinkle, Twinkle! hahahaha. I loved the ride to the airport.... the ride back.... was awful! Missing you still.

Ju and Brack said...

That post just brought a smile to my face. What a smarty pants! She is so dang cute. I am enjoying Ellie week to the fullest!

p.s. Is it sad how happy the day was for me when you got a cell phone? I remember it...made my day :)

Jylaire said...

She is just perfect! I love that she is a mini you! What a doll!

Britney said...

I love that pouty face! Pierce does the same thing when he's looking at something interesting. I was the same way as you with cell phones. I got my first one when I was in college. We were engaged, and we got a family plan. I try to think back to what it was like to not have one, and I can't really remember.

Erika said...

So funny! I've got a neighbor who said he'd buy his 18 mo. old a phone because he wanted his back. Lol!

Heather said...

My kids are the same way. It takes me forever to figure my phone, computer, etc. out. We would have been brilliant with all this technology if we had it when we were little...right?

Mat and Brooke said...

Man. that little girl of yours is amazing! she's doing things that even I can't do; like drink two gallons of apple juice in one week or know how to work an i phone! truthfully, i'm a little freaked out by those things. i mean, i JUST figured out how to work the blogging system...really. you tell ellie i'll teach her how to eat two dozen cookies in one day if she'll teach me how to play games on an iphone. ;)