Friday, December 11, 2009

Ellie week part IV: a pirate's parrot

{Ellie chattin' it up, as usual}

one of Ellie's greatest talents is her vocabulary.
you know those parrots that live on pirates' shoulders and repeat everything their master says?
yeah, Ellie is my little parrot on my shoulder.
she repeats EVERYTHING.
if i say "cool!" she says "coooool!"
if i say "Miiiikkeee?" she says "Miiiikkkeee?"
if i say "supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" she says.....
ok, so she doesn't say everything.
but almost everything.

i think her mind must be racing a million miles a minute-- even when she's sleeping.
example: this morning, i went in to wake her up (sometimes she can be a bit of a sleepy head) and right as she stood up and looked at me with her squinty eyes, and she said in her groggy voice: "ball? doggie?" i really wish i knew what she was dreaming about...

she loves to tell me all of her body parts- which i think is adorable. we'll just be sitting there building some building with our blocks and she'll point to my nose and say "nose." or we'll be eating breakfast and notice her toes and say "hi toes!" so cute.

{note: yes, i let Ellie still wear her Halloween pajamas even though it's almost Christmas. so sue me. also, she gets that crazy bed-head from her daddy....... finally, notice the squinty eyes. i love morning-squinty eyes! so funny/cute}

my favorite words she says right now are "de-ish-ush" (delicious) and "yu you" (love you).
i caught them on tape today for your viewing pleasure.

{note: please ignore my "high-pitched-mommy-voice"..........i can be really annoying..}

oh how i love this little pirate's parrot-chatter-bug.



Becca said...

So cute!!!! I love her face when she says "phone". HILARIOUS. Can you come teach Bryant how to talk and say del-ish-ush? haha. Love it :)

Hilary said...

she is darling. i love her little voice!

Amber said...

oh, that was cute! You seem like a very loving mama, Marce.

Ashley said...

She is the cutest child on the planet. You're such a good mom, Marci. I really look up to you.

Linda said...

hahahahahahahahahaha. You are so entertaining! She will never be satisfied with another teacher! I want you to come and teach me stuff! Luv YOU all!