Saturday, December 12, 2009

Ellie week part V: doin' the moonwalk

{Ellie girl doing some pirouettes on Halloween}

there are very few things Ellie loves more than music.
it's been that way since she was just an itty bitty and her Gammy sang her her first lullaby.

i remember when she used to be that mean little infant she once was (and she would cry nonstop) one of the only things that would give me relief was to dance to these classical baby CD's i had while holding in my arms all swaddled up. i'd put one of those songs on and she'd stop, mid-scream, and look right up at me with those big, constantly-teary -yes as if to either say: "you're crazy, mama- can you send me back?" or "yeah, you shake it mama. this is what i was born to do." i have a video of it somewhere...but i'm sure i wouldn't want to share it with you anyway because i probably was wearing my pj's, rockin my perma-frizzy-pony-tail that i had on top of my head for the first 3 months of Ellie's life, and had a swollen face- either from post-laborness or from crying (it was a shocking experience for me, becoming a mom)- and all of that combined with me dancing to Vivaldi's "The Four Seasons" would be just plain embarrassing for anyone other than me to behold.

however, we did post this video when she was just a few weeks old as proof that she was born to shake it:

{wasn't she such a teenie!? i forgot what a little squirt she was. so cute...even if she was a big meanie. :)}

well, it isn't hard to imagine that her passion lives on...she still loves to dance.
she loves to twirl and pirouette.
she loves to shake her bum (that's a new trick).
she loves to stomp her feet reeallly reallly fast.
and she loves to stick jumps and tricks in there wherever she can.
unfortunately she was being a bit of a stinker when i was trying to get her to dance on demand today. but i did get a few moves, including prop-work and the moon-walk. check it out:

{note: it's kinda long. and kinda boring- and yes, you'll get annoyed by my voice- but it's just to give you the idea of what we do around our house all day every day. we dance. and i try to get her to do other cute and slightly embarrassing moves}

Ellie also lovvvveeess to listen to music.
she loves for me to sing "twinkle twinkle little star" over and over again (it's her favorite song. i didn't even know 18 month-olds had favorite songs).
my favorite is that she'll attempt to sing it too.
makes me smile so big.
{unfortunately you have to tolerate listening to my yucky-mom-singing-voice yet again to get to hear her sing twinkle twinkle....but i promise, you'll be rewarded at the end when she whips out her new favorite trick: flying like tinkerbell}.

i'm so grateful she loves music.
because i think of any language in the whole world, music is the universal one.
it speaks to my soul.
and i hope that it will continue to speak to hers.



Ashley Myntti said...

Ellie has got to be the cutest little girl I have ever seen! I have loved all of the updates on her! Miss ya! We need to talk and catch up!

Mat and Brooke said...

I love how you capture nearly every moment of Ellie's life. You will never, ever regret that! She is such a cute little thing. You are a wonderful mom, too. I love seeing mamas who find so much fulfillment in being such. There just simply isn't a better thing in the world to immerse yourself in than each moment of your child's life! Thank you for sharing so much of her with us. :)

Linda said...

Just remember: By small and simple tings... great things come to pass! Never under-estimate the power of those little moments! I am officially aching for that little girl! And the big one too! And if I don't see Mike soon.... I will burst! Went to Disney yesterday. I think Ellie is going to LOVE it! It was raining( all day) . we wore raincoats, just like we did, Marci, when we went to Animal K.... we had umbrellas and all the gear... and it was still a blast. Christmas at Disneyland is magical! It's a small world... was one of our favorites! Wish you could have been there!