Sunday, December 13, 2009

Ellie week part VI: a couple of random facts

it's late and i've been enjoying a lazy day with a slightly snotty nosed Ellie (which means slightly (and not so slightly) grumpy Ellie) i don't have pictures and thoughts gathered for a new Ellie week instead, i decided i'd share just a couple random facts of the day...

Ellie made it to nursery today. yes, she's now in nursery. she didn't cry. and i didn't either (does that make me a bad mom??). in fact, she ran in there, hugged the nursery leader, turned around and waved me and M off and said "buh-bye." wow. i felt myself twittering a lot during the rest of church...turning to see if the door opening was someone coming to tell me what a cry-baby she was being or how mean she was being to the other kids...but no one came. and yes, you could say my mind wandered just a bit.....looks like sitting through 3 consecutive hours is going to take some getting used to. so Ellie's transition seems easy. mine...not so much. maybe it's time to have another kid??? (no, not an announcement).

we've also played a lot today.
we've watched some sesame street.
we've played with Elmo.
we've danced to Christmas music.
we've built some buildings such as this one:

and then Ellie enjoyed her favorite part...destroying the masterpiece:

and then we enjoyed a nice little snuggle...of which daddy captured on his phone (poor quality...frumpy mommy, but you get the idea).

now we're getting ready to eat some yummy gooey Caramel corn while snuggling up and watching the Holiday Inn, my all time favorite Christmas movie. i love Christmas time.

i have one or two Ellie posts left for this Ellie week.............
get excited.



Mat and Brooke said...

Frumpy mommies are just my type. My absolute favorite. :) ...But really, I don't know if you really know how to look frumpy!

Linda said...

Yeah! Nursery is the best! I am so gad that she liked it. I say it's time to have another kid! hahaha.
I stayed home with my ol' friend Mr. Mi-grrrr... aine! Feeling better though. Dad and MII went to see Grandpa and Grandma. Love you guys. Please give our Ellie a HUG from her Gammy. She is adorable.