Wednesday, May 18, 2011

holga: i'm a rookie.

remember how i got a Holga for my months ago?
well friends.
way back in december i took my first roll of film to get developed.
i was so excited to see my new pictures from my new camera.
i had often drooled over lovely Holga and Diana photos on some of my favorite blogs by my friend Marci and her friend Naomi here and here.
and so i couldn't wait to see my very own images.
and then: the saddest thing ever happened:
it came back blank.
you heard me.
i was so sad.
because i had taken several pictures of brand new baby Alice.
and of Ellie in the leaves.
and lots of other cute fall things.
and all i had to show for it was BLANKNESS.
so then i was scared of this little plastic camera.
and i was kinda mad at her too.
so i put her away for a while.

well a couple of months ago, i was cleaning out my drawers...
and Holga jumped out at me.
i examined her real good.
and i decided i wasn't scared of her little plastic-ness anymore.
so i jumped on youtube and found a tutorial on how to properly load film.
and found another tutorial on how to unload film.
(i know this all seems pretty basic...but it just isn't. or maybe it just wasn't for me).
and then i just began snapping away.
and i took my second roll to get developed.
lucky for me, there were pictures there.
unlucky for me, they were ALL blurry.

why is this little plastic camera so dang fussy?*
and why am i so horrible at making a plastic camera work??*
but instead of putting it away again, i tried again. and thought, three strikes, i'm this had better be a good one.
and it was.


old plastic cameras + film are fun.
even though they can be sorta fussy.
but maybe it's all the fuss that makes 'em sorta fun.
who knows.
anyway, i can't wait to share some more fun snapshots with you all, blogging world!
(as if you didn't get enough snapshots into my hum-drum life...)

*any and all tips and tricks from you Holga experts would be so muchly appreciated. hug.



Megs said...

I kinda like the blurry ones - like the ellie & alice chalk writing one.

Jenny said...

i almost failed out of my photography class in college because we used manual cameras and my film kept coming back blank. super sad and annoying. but it looks like you've got it figured out and that sounds so fun to play with!

thanks for coming over this morning! we had fun!

KO said...

There's nothing better than the anticipation of waiting to see a developed roll of film! We're all used to seeing instant results! That's the fun of a film camera... Good luck!

Marci Joy said...

Plastic cameras are absolutely fussy! And there's always a soft/blurry edge to them.

I look forward to seeing more of your film :) Just keep shooting.