Wednesday, November 3, 2010

the rest of rocktober

i can't believe it's already November. my favorite month came and went faster than...cheetahs (cheetahs are fast, right?). now i'm just sitting on my lazy bum while Ellie is at school (i love saying that. it's still so cute to me that she goes to school) looking through my pictures. and there are just too many cute ones to go unblogged. so welcome to my rocktober picture collage fest. with no rhythm, rhyme, or reason.

{on my birthday- which was awesome, by the way. M surprised me by taking the day off from work. it was such a great surprise...since he actually left that morning dressed up for work...only to return 20 minutes later with flowers and stuff to make us a yummy breakfast. hecka cute. so then we went to downtown Walnut Creek, enjoyed some non-caffeinated starbucks beverages, and he surprise me with one of these babies:}

{i'm not gonna lie, it's pretty sweet.}

{and my mama surprised me with this beeeeeaaautiful diaper bag, since mine recently broke. i loooove it.}

{and this is my newest toy, from M's parents. i can't wait to develop my film. and yes, i was spoiled rotten this birthday.}  

{but what's a birthday without cake???}

{one of me & M's favorite discoveries of Rocktober was this coconut water/juice called is seriously NOT good for you...seriously delicious... seriously addicting...and seriously helped me get through the last few days of pregnancy. i seriously wish i had some right now. and i seriously don't think i've ever used the word 'seriously' so much in my life.}

{we also blew a lot of bubbles to get through those last few days of pregnancy. i have a love-hate relationship with bubbles. because they can wipe away any tears by just mentioning them....but then again Ellie turns into the crab on FindingNemo at the sight of them: "myyyyy bubbles." feisty critter.}

{and then i said "peace out" to pregnancy...and all was well with the world again.}

{can i tell you how happy i am not to have a huge hump in front anymore? i love having Ellie sit on my lap..and run around with her without having to wheeze for air. it's so refreshing}

{M with his girls- such a sweet daddy...and we enjoyed many moments like this this month. side note: just tonight, M told me he thought we were going to have lots of girls. this is a subject we discuss frequently...and personally, i think he looks adorable adorned with his girls in each arm. so sweet to see how much they love him. i do hope that he gets his boy in reward for all the girlyness he puts up with these days :) }

{cute lil Alice, doing what she does best: chillaxin}

{cute lil Ellie, doin' what she does best: being fun and playful}

and i got lots of other cute pumpkin patch pic's that i just had to document:

{giving the pumpkin a high five..side note: notice that in 3/4's pf these pictures, Ellie has a lil pumpkin in her hand. she kept switching pumpkins the whole time...but was unsatisfied unless one was in her hand at all times.}

{oh gosh i love that little smile}

{Ellie looooved lining the little pumpkins up and reciting "Five little pumpkins sitting on a gate...:" i'm so impressed with her and how well she remembers things...she can recite the whole poem! it's adorable.}

{my little cutie...and yes, Alice is tucked away in the Bjorn...which i think are the best things evvver...though it is kind of ironic that i achhheed for the day i could get the baby out of my tummy only to strap her right back on in one of those things.}

{such a little squirt...we hope to make this a yearly tradition to document her growth...we'll see if it happens :)}

our friends the Johnsons invited us to come over one night to carve pumpkins. it was our first real social outing since Alice was born. she was kind of a stinker the whole night-- wanted to keep eating and eating and eating the whole time. but it was nice to feel human again with other...humans.

{carving pumpkins of course meant that M did the carving :) }

{the kids were pretty amazed when the pumpkins were lit...}

{and all Ellie wanted to do was blow the candles out...}

{all in all, first family social outing = SUCCESS!}

and here are a few other random Halloween shots:

and of course, what's Halloween without enjoying the spoils in all their splendor!??
 and even though Halloween marks the end of Rocktober, here are just a couple other random moments i grabbed off my phone:

{cute lil puppy bum}

{some fun on my phone with the Elster...}

{she recently discovered her "mad face"......great.}

{and some Rambo-style sisterly smothering love.}

goodbye Rocktober, till next year!



Megs said...

what a lovely post to enjoy while my girls are napping! beautiful family & you seriously look amazing. I don't believe you just gave birth.

The Ostlers said...

I LOVE that diaper bag your mom got you! Can I just say your posts make me smile? Ellie pulls the cutest faces ever!

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

that pig beanie hat is SO cute!

Linda said...
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Kade & Jess said...

Oh i love reading your blog. I think I might have to steal the piggy outfit idea for next year. So cute and simple yet sassy!