Tuesday, May 17, 2011

seven seven seven seven seven seven seven.

little Alice is seven months old now.
i was reminded of her inevitable growing habits at the dr's office today when she came in at an impressive 16.2 lbs and 27 inches. i promptly scolded her for growing so much in just a month's time, and told her to knock it off...to which she responded with a two-teethed grin and a face-grab. i have a feeling she's not going to obey. dang these strong-willed babies.

when the dr finally galloped on into our room and whisked Alice away to check out her belly and ears and cute little bum, she looked at me with this panicked look that i'd never seen before. and then she went all ballistic and couldn't recover (this was pre-shots, people).
that is, until i picked her up and kissed her...and then she smiled like nothing happened.
stranger anxiety already?
Mama attachment issues already? (i admit, i kinda like knowing she kinda likes me).
and then the dr asked some weird questions about scooting (which she does...goodbye easy peezy rolling stage..sniff) and babbling (which is non-stop) and finally said, "she's perfect."
and i couldn't agree more.

recent Alice faves:

::her babbling words: mama, dada & hi

::her little backwards wave when she says hi

::her scooting ... especially under weird little nooks

::her passion for real food ... a mama's girl for sure

::her two little bottom teeth

::the way she loves hugs and kisses and snuggles from just about anybody

::her adoration towards Ellie

::the way her and Ellie play together (do they really have to fight someday in the near future?)

::her little squeals when she's happy and grunts/sighs when she's falling asleep (can't you just hear her squeal through the screen?)

::the way she randomly loves water bottles better than any toy

::her grabby hands- especially when they grab her little toes

::her sweet yet curious demeanor...

::the way she sits up and sucks on her thumb...sometimes even at the same time...(until she tumbles over and face plants. i love the lack of ab strength in babies).

...and the way she cuddled me for a good 30 minutes this morning when she refused to go back to sleep at 6 am. i will cherish that little snuggle forever and ever.

you just gotta love that little Alice.
and we all sure do. a whole lot.



Kristi said...

She is just DARLING Marci! What a sweet baby girl. The doctor was right, she is just perfect. :)

Megs said...

lovely post, my dear. Alice looks so much bigger than Ava - she is definitely taller. Sad for my little miss Ava, who will forever be a shrimp ;) Love the post and she is just the cutest thing.

JLW said...

Wow! She is so cute! Every picture I kept saying to myself. You've got some incredibly cute girls! It's crazy how fast they grow.

Allie said...

It has been too long since I have seen her! She seems so much bigger already. Sigh...They grow too fast. Happy seven months Alice and family!

{amy k.} said...

wow, seriously so adorable! you and mike make some amazingly cute little ones marce!

Linda said...

Stop letting her grow up so fast! I am missing OUT!!!!!!! I love you and miss you!