Thursday, May 19, 2011

holga: Disneyland.

i know what you're saying to yourself right now:
seriously? you went to Disneyland again?
i know, i know. we're a bit ridiculous.
but after a sad week in Southern Cal after my grandpa passed away (all of which i have yet to post about...why is it so much harder to post about the sad things in life?), we desperately needed to go out and do something fun.
plus, how can you go to Southern Cal without seeing its three best things (1. my family, 2. the beach, 3. Disneyland)?
you just can't.
especially since we are borderline Disney freaks (minus the borderline).
and so, i will bore you with yet another round of Disney photos...
through Holga's lens.
(mostly because these are the best Holga's i've taken. and i kinda love 'em all).

man i want a Disneyland churro so bad right now.
and a chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream cone from Main Street wouldn't be half bad either.



Jenny said...

i'm a big fan of Holga. It's like instagram but more legit. there's one that's of you but you can also see a tiny faded image of your sister or your mom or someone...that's pretty cool.

Tammy said...

You are only crazy about Disney to other people... I think we go as much as you... and are going next week-again. I always figure people get sick of seeing our pics, but I never get sick of yours, so I am going to keep posting mine because! PS Holga is pretty sweet-those are great pics

Ashley Myntti said...

We need to plan a Disneyland trip at the same time!!

Elyse.Beard said...

I love me some holga. I just wish I had one. It's on my wishlist. These pictures are AMAZING.

I was gonna buy a churro at the A's game the other night, then I realized that they were selling them outside the stadium, the people selling them were black with do-rags, and their sales technique reminded me of drug deals going down. Good chance those could have been "happy" churros. I'm not so naive after all. I'm also not racist.

Mat and Brooke said...

Okay. Who spoiled Ellie with the Rapunzel dress?!? Will you ask her if I can borrow it for a day? ;) She looks so blasted cute in that!!

Linda said...

I am so glad you went and had a joyful time! Disneyland makes everything better. YOU make my life better! Pictures are adorable!

Megs said...

Um...pretty sure those pictures are AWESOME. And your darling girls will treasure them forever! I don't mind that you're a disney freak. :) Tim & I are going for our first time (I know what you're thinking...WHAT?!?!) and the girls for their first time (obviously) this September! I am SOOOOO excited. :)

Tia said...

Trust me Marci, I see nothing wrong with going to disney that often. I live less than 16 miles from Disney World. And, according to the lady who renewed my annual pass this year...I went over 40 times last year. And if you average that out...that's almost once a week. So I think it's awesome you can take your girls that much!