Wednesday, February 2, 2011

we're classy.

on Saturday night, we trekked to Walmart to gather our gear for our P90x venture.
going to Walmart is always an adventure, isn't it?
to preface this outing, let me explain a little something: usually when i have M here when we're getting ready to go somewhere, we divide and conquer- you get Alice ready to go, i'll get Ellie (Ellie is usually the one that needs some sort of bribe. because leaving means to undress out of her dress-ups, which she is all-too-attached to these days, and get in some real clothes. and let's be honest, i'm pretty awesome at bribing. our bribes usually go something like this:
Ellie! if you go super fast, i'll let you hold my phone in the car!
or Ellie, i have a black cookie (Oreo) waiting for you if we put on this skirt and shirt instead.
or Ellie, i'll stand on my head if you leave that toy behind. it'll be so AWESOME!!
and usually with one...or all of those bribes, she eventually comes.)

well this time, i already had Alice in my arm, having just fed her- so i said, M, you get Ellie ready to go, and i'll get Alice.
aside from having to remind him to stop watching the highly-entertaining Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, we were all headed to the car fairly fact, too quickly for a clothing change. so while loading Alice up, i glanced at Ellie and i noticed Ellie's classy garb:
her pink fluffy princess dress with a brown hoodie and her brown cowgirl boots. oh and her hair hadn't been combed since her nap. ever seen Ellie's bed-head?
it looks something like this:

{i'd be devastated if my hair looked like that when i woke up, too.}

at first i wanted to demand a clothing change.
we cannot go out in public with her dressed like that!, i thought to myself.
but then i remembered we were going to Walmart. and well, i figured we'd just fit in.
am i right, or am i right?

lucky for us, the exercise gear is right by the bikes. this meant that Ellie was able to find a trike to entertain herself for quite some time (remember how it's all about trikes around here these days? she's pretty determined to figure that whole peddling thing out) while we rummaged through all the weights and bands and stuff.
and with that trike, she also found herself the perfect helmet to complete her trike-riding ensemble.

and since that picture really doesn't capture the true essence of her trike-riding garb, we captured a video of it to share with you.

yes, we were encouraging our cowgirl-princess-baseball-helmeted-ghetto-fabulous toddler to ride her trike around Walmart.
we're just that classy.



Liz said...

I can't wait for Holly to have bed head! Or maybe just some more hair. And Ellie's outfit, adorable!!

The Peterson's said...

We all have these moments! Owen and I have done P90X. It is a good work out! We liked it!

{amy k.} said...

oh my gosh- this totaly made my day! i love it! she looks adorable and i love that you didn't make her change! :) i'm excited to hear more about what you think of p90x- i've heard so much about it... and just keep listening instead of acting, maybe one of these days i'll do something about it! haha

The Ostlers said...

haha LOVE IT! That little girl is awesome :)

Megs said...

wow, that sounds like a regular saturday night to us...and what always happens when tim is put in charge of emerie. :) ellie is darling & so is your little family!

Megs said...

ps - I l.o.v.e the twitter feed of ellie talking.

The Hurst Family said...

I love your posts. We discuss them in the faculty room.