Monday, January 31, 2011

i can't do pull-ups.

the hubs and i started P90x this 5:30 am.

and all i've wanted to do all day since then is crawl back into my bed and eat cookies.

it's hard. reeeeaaaalllllly hard.
ever tried it? any success stories to share? i need some baddddly to boost my low, can-hardly-do-one-single-pull-up moral. who am i kidding? i can hardly pick Ellie up today either.

i better be sexy in 90 days or i'm gonna be ticked.

p.s. i have to celebrate some because today is the last day of January. hallelujah! we made it.  i think the only people who like January are the people who have birthdays in it. because heck, it's a pretty bleak month otherwise.



jaci said...

you go marce! i tried it with my hubby, and i'm such a wuss..i always stopped the videos early. an hour? really? you're kidding me. i like the idea of the variety, but i found myself dreading certain days.

i did seen an infomercial (i'm totally a sucker) the other day for TURBO FIRE. have you ever heard of Turbo Jam? well, it's fun one, but this was like the amped up version and it was supposed to be like a 90 days thing - it looked so much more enjoyable than P90x!

good luck! can't wait to see your hot sexy bod! :)

jaci said...

ok...i totally don't say "seen an" - i'm sounding redneck already!

Tia said...

Marci, I started Shaun T's "Insanity" last week. And I'm dying. But I am trying to stick to it.

I do know of one person who's done both P09X and Insanity for about a year total (I think he did P90X twice, back to back). And in the last year he's lost 100lbs.

As in, I didn't see him for that year, and didn't recognize him becasue he looked so different, and in a good way.

Stick to it! You can do it!

Elyse & Dale said...

you guys are gonna be so sexy. I swear, I lift weights like the end of the world is coming and I STILL cannot do one single pull up. It's pathetic. So don't feel bad. I'm blaming it on my very big, very heavy backside. You guys are awesome!

Jenny said...

I don't think I've ever talked to a girl that can do pull-ups. But I'm impressed you guys are all hardcore like that! Send the P90x our way when you're finished so we can have sexy bods too! I think I would for sure cheat though it sounds super hard!

Megan said...

(This is Dave) Megan and I are on our third week, it's still tough but I can at least walk up and down stairs now afterward. We should have a contest to see who can lose the most weight, that may keep us motivated. :)