Sunday, January 23, 2011

weekend shmeekend.

if we could...
we'd spend all day every day taking hour-long bubble baths,

blowing bubbles (while soaking up the sun),

eating homemade pizza (mmm, with fresh mozzarella + basil),


or big bowls of noodles (per request of the sickie),

baking cookies (for daddy when he got home),

and snuggling each other.

oh how we love weekends around here.
and oh how they come and go too quickly.



Torrie and the girls said...

So adorable! I know how you feel, our weekends are our favorite and they are here and gone too quickly!

Courtney said...

Nice to have the hubby home for the weekend, hope you guys enjoyed each other. The girls have grown so much just since Christmas, I can't believe it.

Linda said...

I can't live without your blog. There . I said it. It means so much to me to be able to " peek" into your world of girlie, bubbly, soapy, pinkalicious , deliciously chaotic busy seasoned days. I feel left out otherwise.... and less connected. I KNOW you don't do this just for me! But can I tell you how much I adore seeing all the daily milestones and all the wonderful precious things you do with those gorgeous girls. I will count the days till I see you in Feb, but until then: Keep BLOGGING! I talked to Court on the phone today.... and hearing Rosalie being Ro in the backround was music to my ears. How did I get so lucky??????? The girls HAVE grown since December. So glad you are embracing it all of it with the acceptance and cheer of a pro! Estoy muy orgullosa de ti! Besotes a todos. Mua!

The Peterson's said...

Weekends are the best!

amanda said...

hi marcie,
my name is amanda. i was really good friends with your sister, mimi, in high school. our senior year we would read your blog everyday in spanish class. and now i love reading it (not creepy at all, i promise!). i just wanted to say how dang cute your girls are and that you are such a cute mama!