Wednesday, January 19, 2011

i believe in prayer

on one hand, i really don't want to be the type of person who just complains and complains and gripes on my blog.
on the other, i don't want to create this image of myself and my family that we're all hunky-dory, singing songs-happy-all-the time, and problem free.
because we're not.
the last few days- weeks really- have been tough for me.
to sum it up, i have just felt like a super poopy mom.
and i've smelt like one too.
so this morning i prayed really hard.
i really just wanted to be a better mom than i have been being.
and i knew that i needed some extra help.
so i asked God to help me.
to help me be patient. (because i am not by nature a patient person)
and happy. (because i seem to be frazzled and frustrated too often these days)
and to see Him and His hand working in my life more.

right now i have these little hot trickly tears down my face as i think of my day.
we didn't go to Disneyland.
we didn't do anything super extravagant.
but it was good.
i felt good.
and as i look at these little faces....

...i see His hand in my life.
and i keep having the thought:
prayer works, my friends.
yes indeedie, it does.



Ashley said...

I find that I need your friendship and your words unusually consistently in my life. Thank you for this today. I needed this hot trickling tears. Thank you.

Megs said...

Beautiful post, again. You are a wonderful example to us all. I agree with not wanting to post the bad things but it's nice to keep it real.

Elyse & Dale said...

You're such a good example. For what it's worth, I think you're a wonderful mom and wonder how the heck I'll ever be as good as you. I'm glad we have the gospel. Thanks for the post.

Jenny said...

loved this post! it reminded me of one i wrote a few months after macy was born. i was throwing myself a lot of pity parties and prayer helped me snap out of it.

i think getting enough sleep makes a world of difference. since that is out of your control right now you have to cut yourself a little slack :)

Jarom and Amber said...

I can't stop crying. This was too sweet. Thanks for reminding me I'm not alone! :) Prayer is such a wonderful thing.. and I'm sure you are a wonderful mom! I hope you are feeling a little better now!

Shelli said...

I seriously love you, Marce. I'm glad your prayers were answered and that you felt it. You're a great mom!

{amy k.} said...

love this marce. prayer is such a powerful tool!

erin 'n phil said...

I needed to read this. thank you.

Linda said...

My children.... are my teachers.
Privileged, with Love!
Tu Mamy

Laura said...

Amen sista!