Tuesday, September 21, 2010

and out of my funk i came.

*a disclaimer to this post:
i heavily debated whether to post about this or not. because i don't want to give off the aura, "look at me, i'm so special!" or anything like that. but this whole thing was so special to me that i just could not leave it off the blog. i hope you understand and will allow me to indulge on this little sweet occurrence in my life..because it's one i want to remember for always.*

sometimes getting out of a funk is easy.
you can drink a diet coke.
or make yourself some of your favorite chocolate chip cookies (or in my case, enjoy some from a friend).
or even just go read a book, take a nap, or watch your favorite movie.
and then when you return from those things, you feel refreshed.
and energized.
and like you finally got the "you time" that you were craving.
sometimes, when you serve somebody, that does the total trick.
because you forget about yourself and ever needing the "you time."
but sometimes, it's just not that easy.
and you just feel funky.
no matter how much your stuff your face.
and no matter how much you serve your tushie off.
that was last week for me.
i just couldn't snap out of it.
and neither could Ellie. we were both grumpy and grouchy and not sleeping well. we basically fed off of each other's negative energy until i thought we were going to electrocute each other.
by Saturday, i was exhausted.
and relieved to have M's help at home.
he was so sweet.
he asked me,
"what is the one thing you want to get done today?"
and i said,
"i want to paint the baby's room."
so to Home Depot we went. buying like 8 different shades of lavender/purple to paint swatches on our little nursery walls. (lavender is a hard color to get right!) he helped me choose the perfect one. and then he used his manly muscles and shuffled all the junk outta there so we could spend his one free day painting, painting, painting.
so evening came.
brief interjection (not to be confused with an "undies interjection"... this is a family-centered blog, people.): i have this wonderful friend Sandi. everyone should know Sandi. she's the type of person who makes everyone in the world feel like she's their best friend...sincerely and genuinely. she can talk to just about anyone, and know everything about them in less than 10 seconds. she's the most easy-going person in the whole wide world-- one who serves her little tushie off like no one i've ever seen. i was lucky enough to meet Sandi and become friends with her when we lived at my in-law's house, as she is their neighbor and in their ward. she's the one with the cute little red-headed Cale, who has become one of Ellie's best friends. she also has a little 6 month old girl on top of it- and yet still asks me constantly what she can do for me. really, Sandi? i should be asking YOU what i can do for YOU, is what comes to my mind. she is so thoughtful and mindful of everyone around her- and one of the best bakers/cooks on the planet. i've been very fortunate to partake in her yummy concoctions on multiple occasions.
so now that you know Sandi, let me press on out of this brief interjection.

Sandi had been asking me for weeks if she could take me out for dessert one night. she said it was to "celebrate the baby!" before she arrives...but it just seemed like such a hassle for her. and i just didn't want to put her out like that. then Saturday night came- and while i was inches away from canceling (because nothing sounded better than just laying on my bed after my funky week and a day of painting) i knew that going out with Sandi would probably be just what i needed to boost my spirits.
she came over around 8.
we instantly started gabbing our brains out.
until we randomly showed up at a friends' house in the ward. "we're picking up Allie too. is that ok?"
sure, i thought. i love Allie.
then into Allie's house we went.
some pink boxes caught my eye.
i heard faint voices coming from the yard.
and then i saw all these presents on the coffee table.
"Sandi, are you being tricky?"
and then a collective shout of "SURPRISE!" rings from outside.
it took a minute (or five) for my pregnant brain to register that this was a party for me.
that Sandi, and all of these wonderful women there, had thrown a surprise baby shower for me.
(dang it, i knew i should have washed my hair...)
it didn't take me long to turn into a big weeping willow with sap running down my cheeks.
because it was just about the most thoughtful thing that i'd ever seen.
(even remembering the whole thing is bringing tears to my eyes again.)
it was so lovely- all outside under these beautiful lights:

decorated in a beautiful "nest/birds/bird cage" theme-

with a dessert table called a "tweet" table...adorned with the most delicious desserts that you could taste just by looking at them.

it couldn't have been more perfect.
it was wonderful to sit, relax, stuff our faces with endless amounts of deliciousnesses, gab about baby names and labor stories and other gory details that are assumed topics of conversation at baby showers...and on my part, feel an overwhelming sense of love and sisterhood.

thank you to all you wonderful ladies- for taking time to come on your weekend...and making such wonderful desserts to share...for the sweet thoughtful gifts for our soon-to-be baby girl, and for being the kind of women i hope to be like someday. you have no idea how much this night meant to me, and will mean to me forever.

and thank you Sandi. i know there were others who helped you...especially by just coming!, but i know you and your generous, larger than life heart. and i'm so lucky that i do. your thoughtfulness inspires me every day!

and after that, i went home.
and cried my eyes out to M.
told him how lucky i was and we are.
cried some more.
and just like that, the funk was gone.
because no matter how hard it wanted to stay, feeling that much love doesn't let funkyness stay around.


*photos courtesy of Jenny & Melita...thanks for capturing so much of the night!

p.s. up next on the blog: Disneyland! featuring Ellie as Snow White, meeting Snow White, a walk with Mary Poppins and much more, playing at the park, joy school at our house, and the debut of our lovely lavender purple nursery. love you all!


Ashley Myntti said...

I love and miss you Marci! You are such an inspiration to me.

The Hurst Family said...

Good paint color choice for baby girl. Remember my purple walls. I love purple. Oh, and I love you.

jenny said...

Sandi is seriously the best! The more i get to know her the more i wonder how the heck she has time for everything she does!!

I'm so happy you enjoyed your shower! It was a fun night and soooo much good food! Can't wait to see pictures of that lavender nursery!

Linda said...

It does a Mom's heart , oh! so good! to know that their daughter is loved and treasured. What a beautiful display of womanhood... friendship, and love. Goodbye funk! Thank You to all your friends , especially Sandi! Maybe someday I will get to meet these lovely people. Te amo!

{amy k.} said...

totally made me cry! i love that you are surrounded by so many caring people! what a beautiful surprise! can't wait to see pics of the nursery!

Ashley said...

Why am I sitting here bawling?!!!


I love you. Thanks for sharing this. You inspire me to be a better friend.

Amber said...

Wow. You are a lucky duck. That's awesome that you have such wonderful friends.

KO said...

What a BEAUTIFUL party! I love everything about it. Glad it got you out of your funk!

erin 'n phil said...

you're so lucky to have those ladies in your life. That is a GORGEOUS shower!! Glad you're out of your funk Marci.

Megs said...

I can't think of anyone more deserving than you! What great friends! So glad the funk is over :)

Amy W said...

Guess who just stopped by my house with cookies? Yep, Sandi! I think you are the best, Marci! So glad we were able to celebrate you!

Becca said...

First I have to say...those decorations rock. What a cute idea. It makes me want to go out and buy bird houses and hydrangeas. ha. I wish I could've been there for this! I don't know how some people are constantly giving, when I feel like I have a hard time even making dinner for my family most days. :) Sandi sounds like a rockstar!! It made me happy to read this post! You are awesome Marci! I can't wait to see the lavender walls. so chic. Love ya!!

Jordan and Candice said...

I love reading your blog Miss Marci. This was such a sweet post. Thank goodness for little angels who get us out of our funks.

Tammy said...

Sandi is great, but we all showed up because we like you as well! It was such a fun night... hope you don't mind me blog stalking you!