Thursday, September 16, 2010

i'm a bum.

so we've been home from our little Disneyland excursion for almost a week and i feel like i'm still recovering.
it doesn't help that my lovely lil toddler has been crying for 4 days straight...
(listening to wails and screams as i type).
and hasn't been napping more than 20 minutes a day.
and has been waking up waaaayyy too early. and unhappily.
is it an age thing?
or the 2-year molars?
or the fact that she's an overly dramatic girl- possibly learned behavior from her mother?
or maybe she can sense that her world is about to be earthquaked...forever?
i don't know.
but i'm going crazy.
and i feel like i'm in the world's biggest funk.
and all i can think about is how adorable Ellie was at Disneyland. and how i wish we could just pitch a tent there and live there. permanently. because we were all so happy there.

and so to try to remedy the situation, i'm drinking too much diet coke than i should, being pregnant.

eating foods that can't possibly be good for me (though feel so the cookies my friend Jenny ever-so-generously made for me...and which i've hidden from everyone in my house).

and escaping the world through reading the ever depressing Hunger Games series (almost done with book 2...anyone have Mockingjay for me to borrow? and sidenote: why are we as a society so engulfed and ensnared by this series?? it is so disturbing yet addicting. mind boggling to me...and yet i'm caught in its trap).

yes, basically, i'm a bum.

and so i think i'll go eat another cookie...
because that's what bums do.
(just so you know jenny, they're the only thing that has worked all week. you're a gem :) )

i promise a real post, with real pictures, and real updates, real soon.



The Hurst Family said...

Just finished Mockingjay last night. (big sigh) You can borrow mine if you'll come visit Manila to get it. We miss you.

jenny said...

haha i loved the shout outs. so happy the cookies are helping a little bit. you deserve to eat whatever you want by the sounds of it. i cry almost any time my kids don't nap when they should-- i feel like i got robbed of my sanity time. i hope things turn around soon!

The Gatchell Crew said...

Ahh been there, lived that, & survived it too! You know Marci you don't always have to be amazing. Sometimes it's ok to just be ahhh so so. It's makes the rest of us that are ahh so so way too much of time feel a little better about not being so amazing more often. Come on over to the ah so so side of the street try it out for awhile. You can always go back to the amazing side whenever you want. That's the beauty of this world, we can always improve on where we are & who we are. What a sad sad world if that weren't the case. And the highlight, there are always yummy cookies to brighten our day!!! :):) One of my favorite parts if I do say so myself.:) I for one think you are WAY FABULOUS! So you have a fan in me! Side note we have 2 copies of MockingJay you can totally read. I for one am a HUGE FAN, I know they are kind of gloomy but I couldn't put them down & CAN NOT wait for the movies. I will try & remember to bring one to church for you. See you Sunday my friend! Sorry for the monolog comment! :) I tend to be long winded... which is crazy bc I am so not when I talk... yea right :):)

Ashley Myntti said...

I'm just starting Mockingjay and I agree with you. I can't decide if I love the series or absolutely hate it! But I can't stop reading!

Megs said...

Emerie is going through the same thing right now - but she's not quite 2, so I don't know what's going on. Maybe it is the "sensing a baby sister coming" thing?!? If you find out, let me know! Don't feel bad about the cookies - I can guarantee I've had MORE than my fair share of baked goods this pregnancy. I hope the funk lifts and everything gets better - soon you'll have yet another gorgeous baby girl to squeeze & adore! And if it makes you feel better, your posts always lift my funk. So thanks :)

Mat and Brooke said...

Hey there! Can I join the "I'm a bum in a great big funk" team? ...Only I'm not pregnant and don't have a good reason to be feeling such a way. ;)

You're adorable. Even your funk posts are fun to read. ...So I'll read yours and continue neglecting my blog!!