Wednesday, July 21, 2010

heeeyyy duuuudddee.

(honk twice if you watched that show...when you were like 7).

so it's MY dude's birthday today.
so why not give the Mr. a birthday "hey dude" (aka shout-out) on the blog?
you see, today marks twenty-seven years for M.
i know, right?
what an oldie.
and if i was super nice and talented, i would proceed to write twenty-seven things i love about him.
but that sounds long.
and it would need to be censored, which would make it harder. (what? we're married).
i just want to say two things (since two is the first number in the number 27..hehe) that i love most this year about him real quick on this, his special day.

1. M is the kindest human being on the planet. anyone who has spent more than 10 seconds with him would agree. he'll sit and talk with the girls and be truly interested, he puts up with romantic comedies (and even likes 'em...don't tell him i told you), he finds good in even the most prickly of prickly people, he asks multiple times a day how baby #2 is doing and how i am feeling and if i need anything (yes, please, i need a diet coke, 2 shots of vanilla, 5 otter pops, a pillow for my back and a pillow for my feet...oh and could you scratch my left toe? i can't reach it anymore. thanks), he is a loving brother and son...and most importantly (to me), he is a loving dad + hubby. i think kindness is his best trait. and it is dang sexy.

2. he is fun. yes, he is a very hard worker- but he also knows how to let it all go and have fun...which i love! he loves to boogie board, he loves to golf, he loves rollin' around and wrestlin with Ellie,

 he always wants to do something new and adventurous and/or quirky (like making random videos or driving somewhere new on the spur of the moment), he does silly things with me (like wearing bright yellow public,

 or trying on a ridiculous amount of different hats

or having random dance parties), he's constantly smiling and optimistic, he makes Ellie laugh all the time,

and he does his best to make me laugh, too...even though i can be prett-y dang grumpy these days (geesh, what happened to my happy-go-lucky self? i think baby #2 kidnapped her...and will give her back with her first breath. at least that's what i'm hoping). M is super fun to be around. i'm so glad to have him- and miss his funness terribly when he is away.

anyways, sorry about all my tangents. but, the point is, M really is the best.
and i'm glad he's mine!
Happy Birthday, dude.
hope you feel loved today + always!

 with love,
your wifey + crazy 2 year-old Ellie

p.s. we're going to the Cheesecake Factory tonight to celebrate (awe yeaaahh!). i'm feeling adventurous...which means i want to try something new. i usually get this delicious Jamaican Jerk dish or the Cuban Sandwich. they are both so. dang. good. man, i'm salivating right now. but i'm curious...what's your Cheesecake Factory fave? their menu is ridiculously huge, so i feel pretty lame that i get the same thing every stinkin' time. suggestions would be appreciated.
p.s.s. this is completely and utterly unrelated- but is it just me, or is sweetened condensed milk possibly the most heavenly dessert ingredient ever to exist? wow.



Candace said...

Happy Birthday Mike! Cheesecake is the perfect way to celebrate. You should try the chicken Madeira. I am in love - ah! It's amazing. Have fun tonight.

The Peterson's said...

Happy Birthday Mike!!! Have a great day!

Ashley said...

No advice on the factory of cheesecakes....sweetened condensed milk = the celestial kingdom. It's not just you. In Brazil, every single dessert contains that ingredient. No joke.

{amy k.} said...

happy birthday mike!

you are such a sweet wifey marce- i love your cute family! i'm sad you don't have your parents living behind me to entice you to come visit utah anytime soon! miss you guys!


jenny said...

Happy Birthday Mike! Marci I love the idea of a birthday week. I try to pull that every year for my birthday but everyone always poops out after a few days.

My favorite thing at the Cheesecake Factory is their cheesecake! all of their cheesecakes. doesn't matter which one. if i'm ordering real food the chicken madeira is the best of what i've tried. they also make a dang good burger and fries, but i always feel lame ordering it.

Megs said...

Again, Happy Birthday! I still think it's funny that our hubby's have the same bday. You & I should be friends ;) This post reminded me of Tim - isn't it lovely when you love your sweet husband? :)