Tuesday, July 27, 2010


i've had people ask me some interesting questions lately.
so i thought i'd publicly answer them.
because i heard once that if you have the question, than someone else probably has that same question too.

how do you spell your name?

now, i realize that my email address has my name spelled "Marci," my posting alias is spelled "Marce" and i have several comments that start with "Marcia." so what is my name? let me elaborate. well, you see, my full name is Marcia. said like this: Maarrrrssssseeeeyyaaaaahh. yes, like that. or if you are good at spanish R rolls, Marrrrrrrrrsya. but usually only my Grandma or my Mom say my name like that. you see, i was named after my grandma- the cuban one named Marcia. but most people pronounce it wrong, often saying Marsha, so i just turn my head the other way and go by other things. like Marci. that's short for Marcia (get it?).and most people now call me Marci and know me by Marci. but just so you know- it's not spelled with a Y or an IE (though i don't really care if it's spelled wrong. i'm just nice like that). which leads me to the name Marce. now, this is a nick-name. i realize that this is no shorter than Marci...they both have five letters. but let me explain (since that's what this post is about). Marce is said like this: Marrrssss (with a soft S not a Z-sounding S like in Mars). in high school, 99% of my friends called me Marce. in fact, i don't know if some of them would even or have even called me Marci. they call me Marce. and if you try to write Marce like this "Marc" it says MARK. and that's not my name at all. and if you write it like this "Mars" it reads "Marzz" and that's not my name either. so putting the E at the end makes the C soft. so it says Marce. like that. is this too deep and heavy of an explanation? maybe. but it is what it is. and maybe now all my different names in different places will make a little more sense.

you decided on your baby's name already? Roxy?

no. we haven't decided yet. i just like it. like, a lot. but i've gotten lots of hater comments, even though i asked to not receive those- but i guess it's what you get when you share your name early. and is the reason why i concealed Ellie's name for so long-- because i didn't want anyone smashing it down. why does everyone have to have such an opinion on names? i don't know the answer to that one...but i know i have an opinion on them too, so i guess i shouldn't be talking. but just because i already spilled the Roxy beans, some of my other favorite names include: Alice, Annie, and Raegan. what's your fave? just curious. mine's still Roxy Lynne :)

you sure don't talk about baby #2 much. but you sure do complain about being pregnant a lot.

geesh. i know that's true. i wish it wasn't. let me address the last part of that statement first: the complaining part. you see, i know that it is a tremendous gift that God has given me to be pregnant. i thank him every day for that gift. but that gift hurts me sometimes. and it makes me feel very strange and unlike myself. that's why i complain about it. i just want to be me. but it's hard to be me when i have a huge watermelon dictating all of my emotions, food preferences, and energy levels. does that make sense? i hope it does. and if it doesn't, and if i have offended anyone by my complaints, i'm sorry. i'll try to be less...dramatic. though we all know how impossible it is for that to happen.
as far as the first part of that statement: here are a few little facts to update you on this pregnancy and baby:
-i want to paint her room plum. like not a dark plum. but a soft plum.
-i dream about her a lot. but mostly nightmare dreams- like forgetting about her and then leaving her somewhere. and it really freaks me out. a lot.
-i am 28 weeks along. into the 3rd trimester. we're in the hottest part of summer. it's pretty miserable being so pregnant and being so hot all the time. but it's crazy to think that we're at the tail end of this thing. wow. that happened surprisingly...fast. (did i just say that?)
-she moves even more than Ellie did- and that is saying A LOT. and for those of you who knew Ellie as a baby, you know, i need lots of prayers sent my way if i'm going to have a baby even MORE active than Ellie was. having said that, it makes me feel good to know she is alive, and feisty like me and Ellie. but poor, poor M. maybe we can add a prayer...or two..or ten...for him. he's gonna need it.
-i think about her nose a lot. i love Ellie's nose. and i hope i love her nose too. from her ultra sound, it looks like a button one again...and that makes me excited. i love cute little button noses.
-i have been having tons of contractions lately. ones that really take my breath away. i don't like that. not one bit. doc says it's normal, though. says that we experience everything earlier and with more intensity in subsequent pregnancies. it just reminds me often that the d-day is getting close. a little too close. and that i better go clean something. or do something i won't be able to do once she's here.
-i still like cherries- but i think even more than cherries this pregnancy, i love watermelon. i eat tons of it. like, i just cut up a fresh one on Sunday (like a big one)- and it's almost gone. Ellie doesn't like watermelon. and M only nibbles on it. sometimes i wonder if baby girl is floatin in a bath full of watermelon juice. it feels that way sometimes.
-i'm kinda freaking out about space and where to put stuff and things to make room for another human in the house. M says it will all work out. duh. but, i am way overwhelmed with how to make everything all work out. Ellie still loves her crib...so baby girl doesn't have one at the moment. should i transition Ellie into a toddler bed? this is my daily debate. part of me says, yes, it would be awesome to have that transition taken care of before baby girl comes. plus, then i could use our extra bed we have for Ellie's bed, and move the crib into the other room (freeing up lots of space, helping out my space issue). but then the big part of me says, nooooo. why would you do that to yourself? create sleepless nights before the sleepless nights even arrive..and possibly forgo naptime. (i've heard it happens). ah. i'm at a loss of what to do in this situation. i think about it way too much.
and since i started talking too much about Ellie in there that's my little pregnancy update. for now.

what do you do all day?

ouch. what a question. well. let's see here.
you see, i do something different each day.

Mondays are laundry days. and chore days. to recover from our party hard weekends (ha). i also try to squeeze grocery shopping in here.
Tuesdays are random errand/project days. if i didn't get grocery shopping done on Monday, i finish it today. but  this will change as they will soon be filled (in two weeks) as "Joy School Day." the day Ellie goes to Joy School. i can't wait for this. and i can't believe she's old enough to go to Joy School. wow. i'll have to fill you in on our Joy School plans in the near future. something i'm definitely very thrilled to be included in.
Wednesdays are park days. our old ward organized this day of the week where all the young moms and their toddlers/preschoolers go to the park and let their kiddos play while we get a chance to talk to real humans for a few hours. it's nice for Ellie to go and play hard for a few hours outside.
Thursdays are outing days. this means that we either have someone over to play, we go somewhere to play, or we go out somewhere. like Six Flags. or like the Zoo. i like doing those kinds of outings on Thursdays because they seem less crowded on those days. we also go to our Farmers Market in the evenings on Thursdays.
Fridays are field trip days- this means that our old ward organized an activity every Friday to do together in the summer. sometimes these activities are little too old for Ellie (ie museums and stuff). but last Friday we went to this awesome little swim place- it's fun to get together to do something like that with other kids and other moms.
Saturdays are house project days. that is a very broad term.

now, Ellie usually naps from about 1:30 to 3:30. during this time, i recover from the morning and get ready for the evening. that means cleaning, finishing up laundry, getting dinner ready, and all that jazz. we don't go out too often in the evenings (except for farmer's market Tuesdays)- that's usually our wind-down (or maybe more like wind-up) play time where Ellie hangs out and i try and give her some good one-on-one attention- reading, coloring, playing outside in the kiddie pools, and eating lots and lots of fake food/cake. :)
and in between all of that, i make dinners, and change diapers diapers diapers, wipe noses, do cute hair-dos (sometimes amidst tears), wipe down kitchen counters, sweep up crumbs, wipe tears, discipline tantrums with time-out chair time, plan YW lessons, plan what my dream house will look like someday, dress-up like a princess, giggle, coupon, and give lots and lots of hugs and kisses.

do you have any favorite decorating websites?

several people have asked me this lately. i laugh. because i am thee worst home decorator on the face of the planet. i need some serious house-CPR. but my friend Becca told me about this site recently: younghouselove.com. wow, i love that site. i'm addicted. M and i are now trying to figure out how to vamp up our bedroom space- we're thinking of building our own headboard from this tutorial, and building closet space on the side of our bed modeled after this bedroom (since closet space is a huge issue in our little abode). not to mention all the stuff i want to do to Ellie's room/the nursery/the kitchen/the family room/etc etc etc. anyway, can you help me by adding to my list of favorite decorating sites? because my list has....like 2 on it. thanks.

and Ellie just woke up from a nap.
so that's it from me + my rambling + weird explanations for things.
i think i just needed a few minutes to....have a blog dump.
a random one, too.
and that's that.



Megs said...

Sad that you have to defend yourself on your own blog...but I've had to do it, too...so I guess it happens :(

I think you're darling & I love your blog & all your ramblings. I think you express everything I am thinking in just the way I wish I could. I've loved your thoughts on pregnancy because I feel the exact same way & I'm so glad that someone is willing to express it. It makes me know that I am not alone in feeling grateful & ungrateful all at the same time.

Loved the baby updates! I think it's funny that you are obsessed with her nose...because I do the same thing with Avalynn (baby #2) & Emerie - I obsessed over their noses. You see, Tim's family has a few family members with...interesting...noses. Thankfully, Emerie got my nose & I'm rather proud of my nose. Now I'm praying for Avalynn. Please let them both be adorable ;)

Have a happy day!

Linda said...

How are you?
From the sounds of your post: misunderstood!
You are beautiful... your own kind of beautiful.
We cannot ask a rose to be beautiful like an orchid, or a daisy to be beautiful like a bleeding heart.... You are your own kind of beautiful: honest, deep thinker, hilarious, so thoughtful, passionate, sensitive, busy, giving.... and so much more! I am gad you are YOU... and that you can say what you are thinking and feeling. I love that about you. Sometimes our " humanity" flairs up.... and we offend or get offended.... but in the end.... we are all beautiful.... even the cactus... I just wear extra tough gloves when I handle those. You are gorgeous inside out.... and your baby will be so darling. I can't wait to meet her.... and whatever name you give her.... she will wear it beautifully and uniquely just like you do yours! Besitos !

Ashley said...

Yay! Marci ramblings are my favorite! Do NOT let anyone talk you out of your name. I'm warning you. Because if you do, I'm stealing Roxy Lynne for my first girl. Don't make me do it, Marce. I'll take that adorable name and I won't look back!
You are wonderful. But you already know that :) xoxo

Miss Morgan said...

Cute Marci! You and your blog are one of my favorites. You have always been a person that I have looked up to in so many ways. I am so glad that I lived by you growing up and went to school with you for 2 years. You have always been an amazing person, daughter, friend, neighbor and I'm positive you are a wonderful mother and wife. Glad I am able to follow the wonderful life of Marci Hartley still (I know, you are a Chapman... but you will always be a Hartley to me!)

em said...

marce (yes i'm one of the high school friends that probably 100% of the time called you this)
ANYWAY. i LOVE roxy. one of my absolute favorite human beings in this world (that i met on my mish) is named roxy, therefore, i love it.

jenny said...

i was happy to see that i asked two of the "nice" questions out of the bunch. now i'm curious about who asked you the others. ha. i may have to go sneak through your previous comments.

annie and reagan (i forget how you had it spelled) are two names i've always liked too. i think roxy would be really cute-- people just aren't as used to that name so they make comments. once it's your baby's name they'll get over it because she'll be so cute she will totally own it. i could talk about baby names all day.

Jylaire said...

You make me laugh! About the kid names... If people don't like your baby names, politely tell them that they don't need to name their kid that. I got crazy, crazy "feedback" when we told people what we were naming our kids. Yeah, sorry you don't love the name we've ALREADY chosen for this little one! Keep it to yourself!
I totally remember stressing about whether to put Miss London in a big girl bed when Beck was born. I decided that the only thing to keep my "she'll never take a nap again" stress down was to buy another crib. She just turned 6 and still naps on occasion!
Good luck with everything! Let me know if I can do anything for you!

Jen said...

Not sure if I ever commented about it, but I love love LOVE the name Roxy!! In fact, sometimes it's Deke's nick name for our little Reese (she has a super cute Roxy t-shirt that we love). So YES. Please name her Roxy. And Roxy Lynne? Double cute. And sassy. And extra adorable. Bring on the Roxy!

Sammie Brumble said...

Marci!!!! :) I love you. Seriously. If i'm half as amazing and cool as you and Mike are, then i'll be happy. :) Ya'll are so cute! I LOVE your name!!! LOVE IT! and i love the name Roxy! :) I love that it is different, my favorite thing about my name (Sammie not Samantha.... yuck) is that NOBODY else spelled their name that way or had that name, and i think Roxy is SOOOO unique! Don't let anyone change your mind. i think it was probably revelation when you thought of that name. ;) haha
I love that site! I love cute little decorating blogs and sites. When Ben and I decided on what our apartment will look like we used a lot of those sites for inspiration! :) Your amazing, the end.

The Peterson's said...

You are to cute! I love the name! That is also why I kept Cairo's name to my self for awhile. It did come out so after that I just told everyone that one was my favorite. Things will work out beautifully just wait and see! I can't wait to see your bundle of joy!

Dave, Cadance and Family said...

I love reading about how you and your little family are doing and I think people need to keep what they think about things like baby names to them self! I love all of those names that you picked out!! Roxy was what we wanted to name our next girl but we have added a few more to that list (for if and when it happens lol.) And to be honest I don't think that the questions about what you as a Stay At Home Mom does all day ever goes away I still get asked that and we have 4 kids lol I think that if you are able to be home with your kids it is a great thing and it is a full time job 24/7.

Linda said...


Becca said...

Hi friend. I missed you a ton this week. I so so so wish that I could be apart of your daily activities. It would make me a better mom for shizzle. So people suck if they are giving you crap about a freaking cute name. I love the name roxy. It brings back memories of when I couldn't wear any other brand because roxy clothing was "the bomb". Haha. I haven't hung out with a single adult this week. It's been a little miserable. Blah. Anywho, you need to post pictures of you. I feel like i'm missing out on everything. Ps. I have a couple of design blogs on my blog that I check every day if you want to take a gander. I think you are great at designing, it's just hard when you can't spend a lot on stuff. Ok well gotta. Sorry if this makes no sense. I'm a little scatterbrained today. Love you!!