Sunday, October 18, 2009

a collection of collages and letters

dear Utah,
i already miss your mountainous presence.
i don't know when i'll see you again--but you have a stamp-print on my heart.
i'm proud to say: i'm a Utahn, through and through.

dear Gardner's Village,
thank you for allowing me to be the craziest version of myself.
thank you for encouraging women to let down and release our inner-witches.
thank you for playing crazy music, having adorable shops, and good-clean-fun.
one suggestion for your suggestion box:
have a sign marking your poop-infested rivers in dark places.
i never want to unknowingly trudge through one of those again.
p.s. you owe me a new pair of shoes.
p.s.s. i can't wait to see you again next year.
p.s.s.s. thank you friends and family who came and found me at witches night out. it made the night so sweet and sugary to see you, all witched out. caaacckllleee cacccklleee.

dear discovery gateway,
thank you for letting us discover you.
ellie loved playing in your beehive.
she chased after every bouncy ball in that hive for over and hour.
and would've stayed there all day- but my attention span couldn't handle that.
thank you for having cool magnets, animation kits, a giant doll-house, a fun grocery store, a fun horse to ride, a helicopter, and baby strollers for toddlers to push all around the place. i will never have the amount of toys sufficient to make our house as cool as yours.

dear childhood house,
i apologize for carving my initials in that secret place.
i also apologize for spilling nail-polish in several visible places on your carpet.
more importantly, i wanted to thank you for watching over me as i became the person i am today.
thank you for being a good listener...but not a gossiper...about all the conversations you heard me have.
thank you for never telling my secrets from the doorstep or the love-couch.
thank you for being the place that held so many dinners, so many fights, so many prayers, so much music, and so much love.
you will always be MY house.
and i'll always remember you.

dear family,
how do i live without you?
i can't.
you'll always have a piece of me.
thanks for being so fun.
and so funny.
and such good listeners.
and laughers.
i can't wait to see you again.

dear halloween,
Ellie and I are so excited for you to come. we dress up all the time. we eat candy all the time. we talk about pumpkins all the time. we wear black and orange all the time. we dress up as witches together. we can't wait for our costumes to make their debuts. thanks for being so festive and fun.

dear cute, new, humble house,
please hurry up and get ready for us to move in. i can't wait to see you. and love you. and make you our first home.



Jons and Celeste Leigh said...

We love the collages and letters! We pretty much just love you. :)

Shaylynn said...

Oh i love it! There is something so wonderfully captivating about the walls of your childhood home. I'm sorry your parents have to sell it. that's a bummer. i hope the california sun makes it a little easier for you:)

Joni and Rico Adams said...

It looks like you had such a good time here with your family!

Again, so great to see you. Your family looks hilarious and a barrel o'laughs!

Your house is so cute too! It must feel nice to be going to a place of your own. Good luck ;)

Megs said...

How sad that you are leaving Utah - but fun for new adventures! Love all the pics!

Linda said...

My Darling Marci!
Thank You for capturing in your clever, eloquent and Unique words such emotions and memories. It makes me laugh, cry, smile, hope, cry some more.... and hope, hope, hope. I needed all those laughs and talks, and trips to Jamba.... and shopping.... and staying up late babbling and dreaming and holding Ellie and loving you in person.... and seeing your bright blues brighten my day.... and watch you do the " sister" thing with MIMI.... and the daughter thing with DAD... and teasing Sean.... and doing the MOMMY talk with Court and loving Rosalie.... all of that and much more.... filled my cup and now I can face this transition with JOY. All is well when one's family is OK. So thank YOU!! I still would love those pictures in a CD so I can put them in my new frame and have it with me in the APT. It will be the bright spot of the house. I love you.... and miss you... and wish you the best in YOUR big move too. Wish I was there to help. Besitos! Te ama, MOM

The Hurst Family said...

I love your house. I can't wait to see the pictures inside. How does Mike like his job? How do you like being a mom all day? I chatted with Ashley today and she is going on a blind date this friday. She says she's done with Cameron. I'm glad she has the courage to move on. He isn't ready.Enjoy your moving on. Keep on blogging.

Amy said...

oh Marce- you always say it best. I will forever think of that house behind mine as yours. always. I never have, and never will be able to look out my kitchen window, to see your kitchen window and not wonder if you'd flicker the light back if I sent the signal. haha

I LOVE your cute house- I can't wait to see pictures of the inside and hear all about the move, how exciting! So many fun changes! Good things are coming for you... and already have, I feel it! love you lots!

mere/tay(xoxo) said...

dear marci,
thank you for being such a delight. if the world were like you, then it would be a perfect world.
p.s. i love you

Mat and Brooke said...

I love you. There is so much depth to you. Something exciting, heartwarming, or exciting around every corner. You've always been like that. Nobody could ever fill your shoes. You are way too special and unique. :)

What fun it looks like you had in Utah last week! I mean, YOU guys KNOW how to have a good time!
What a spicy little witch you were!
What an absolutely darling little girl Ellie is!
What a FUN new house it looks like you and Mike just purchased, too!
You will love having a home of your own. The walls and floor and ceiling and roof and yard....they're all yours. You'll find yourself (as we ALL do) fixing, trimming, or polishing something new every day...but it's fun somehow...because it's YOURS.
Enjoy every minute, as I know you will and always do.
love you :)

Mat and Brooke said...

...Sorry, I meant to say exciting, heart-warming, or inspiring...
Silly me.
Sometimes my brain takes off without me or somethin'. ;)

J.S said...

do you see that big pictures of you and your familia in the middle? yeah, the one yall are dressed like scary witches?

well, i'm proud to say that i took that. i captured a kodak moment.

p.s sarah is sitting next to me and says "hi, and i love you."

Ashley and Aaron said...

what a great post marce! I absolutely love that collage of Ellie in her Halloween cute!

Tiffany Johnson said...

love the post. And we miss you. utah misses you. it's just not the same without the chapmans. come back.... please?