Thursday, October 15, 2009

cackle cackle

remember this from last year??

well, my friends.
the time has come once again to get your witch on!
i love witches night out at Gardner Village.
and you should too.


drop your plans tonight--
grab a sitter (or tell your hubby he's on duty for once)...
drag along your favorite estrogen-filled witch(es)..
and come enjoy the cackling, the broomsticking, the dancing, the cauldrons, and the inevitable crazy fun!
i'd love to see all of you, my favorite people, celebrating your inner witch.
because let's be honest-- it's in all of us, waiting to be unleashed and discovered.

hope to see you there,
and your little dog too!!!
(there had to be at least one witch cliche in this post..)

p.s. only X chromosomes allowed.
just thought i should mention that.

p.s.s. let me know if/when you are that i can look for you. i'm serious. it would make my day to see you!



Linda said...

It's early morning and you left 30 minutes ago to hit the GYM. You are amazing! You are the cutest little witch I ever saw! I am excited to see you in all your witch glory.... doing the limbo under my witch broom. Let the good times roll!

Joni and Rico Adams said...

Marce I will be there tonight! I am going with my mom, sis, and some girly friends! I would love to see you!

I should be there around 7.

I will email you my # so you can text or call me and we can meet!

This is my first year by the way and I will be coming straight from work so I won't be decked out just a half-way witch but it should be fun!

Alesa said...

We are going tomorrow. Jenelle and I have a little gift for you. I'll have to bring it over later.

Lali Johnson said...

Ah, that sounds like so much fun, how jealous am I!

Have fun tonight Marce

J.S said...


this is your limbo-amiga.
sarah told me that you had a blog.

and of course, the blogger lover that i am HAD to find your blog. after sarah showing me your url i found it.

so, here i am. showing you love.
you should post those sweet pictures soon. like. pronto.

from your friend...

anne said...

I'm so sad. My plans fell through to drive up for a girls weekend. Hope you enjoy it though.

Tiffany Johnson said...

You little witch, you!! I seriously almost came with Becca. I was so tempted. But I was throwing a baby shower for Amber the next day and had a ton to do for it. By the way... i'm sad you didn't come or that I knew you would be in town to send you an invite. But i'm sure you had other witch-like things to do! heehee!