Sunday, October 11, 2009


i'm alive.
and very well, thank you.
because i love october.
do you love october as much as i love october?
i love the smells.
the coolness.
the perpetual birthday celebrations that go on in our crazy family.
witches (and witches night out!).
cute leggings.
the colors.
the sky.

i'm also very well because i'm home...enjoying all my favorite october things...and much, much more, including (but not limited to):

 enjoying the freezing cold utah air.
(yes, i'm already a california weather wimp).
enduring yucky colds.
eating yummy food.
laughing lots of laughs.
shopping lots and lots.
talking till our voice-boxes are mute and our ears are fried.
drinking a jamba a day.
saying more goodbyes.
wiping lots of tears (and snotty noses).
and lovin' all the "puntins" (ellie's cute way of saying "pumpkins").

feels oh-so-good to be home,
one. last. time.



Shaylynn said...

I' glad you got to go home:) i know the feeling of home sickness & the comfort of the familiarity. nothing feels better than family

Mat and Brooke said... today your big day?? October 12? Are you the big 2.4. now?!? If so, HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! And enjoy your one last time at home sweet home. :)

Dari said...

I also love fall! I am excited to take our little one to a pumpkin patch. These photos are so cute!

I don't blame you one bit for missing Utah, I love it here!

Ju and Brack said...

I HATE HATE HATE the last few words of this blog. Although we don't see each other often it makes me sad knowin how long it will be until I see you again. Yay for blogs, texts, and phone calls is all I have to say.

Scott & Rach said...

Hey marc
happy bday! your little one is a doll. I love october for a lot of the same reasons too! Have a great day

Linda said...

Can I just say.... YOU are my favorite " puntins!" in the world! I am having a marvelous time . It has been an unforgettable time for me. I feel NO REGRETS... don't know what that means but.... ONWARD! " AInt no mountain high enough baby!
Te amo. Mucho, mucho!

Jons and Celeste Leigh said...

Hey lovely woman! I hope you had a wonderful birthday! That's so fun that you have so many close birthday so you can just have non-stop celebrating!

Jon didn't know your parents were moving. I broke the news to him a few nights ago. He sat in silence for a really long time. I know he has a lot of good memories revolving around your home. We'll miss the you better keep us updated on your family on the blog!

Did you already have your witches night out? :)

Tiffany Johnson said...

i'm glad you are enjoying yourself as much as you possibly can!!! when do you leave??

Jill said...

So cute. And how can anyone NOT like October!!??