Tuesday, October 6, 2009

i'm sick.

homesick that is.
i love conference- but man, it made me miss home like something fierce this time around.
i wanted to wrap my arms around those big utah mountains.
i wanted to reach up to the sky and feel the storm that everyone was facebook-status-updating about every five seconds.
i wanted to be cozy by the fire.
i missed home.
and not just my utah home.
but my heavenly home.
my heavenly home that is full of love- the kind of love that so many of those brilliant spiritual men talked about. the kind of love that helps me see good in everyone around me. the kind of love that helps me be more expressive about it. the kind of love that helps me serve others without wanting anything in return. the kind of love that makes me forget about myself and my insignificant problems. the kind of love that is Godly love.
homesick, i tell you.

i've had the following song on replay for the last few hours.
it's my fave.
for lots and lots of reasons.
some heavenly.
some earthly.
maybe i'll tell you those reasons someday.
just maybe.

listening to sappy love songs about rainbows and dreams is what we girls do when our hubby's are out of town and missing their moms. and dads. and brother(s). and sister(s). and dog lucy. and aunts. and uncles. and friends. am i right? or am i right?

lucky for me, i get to wrap my arms around those utah mountains....

i'm comin' home (michael buble style)!
i'm comin' home to snatch the doorknob from my bedroom that i told you about a while back...and to say goodbye to my house. i'm comin' home to celebrate our birthdays (my mom's, my sister-in-law's, and mine). i'm comin' home to go to witches night out. i'm comin' home to shop. i'm comin' home to eat. i'm comin' home to fill up my crazy cuban canteen.
because while i'm so happy here and love it...
i'm a mama's girl.
and a mama's girl needs her mama.
and a mama needs her mama's girl.
(and i need my dad and sisters and brother too, but you know what i mean).

point to this random ranting:
there may be a slight blogging hiatus.
or a large one.
depends on how much fun i'm having... :)



anne said...

Hey, I'm going to witches night out too. I've never been, but it was your blog about it last year that made me want to go. So, me and some girlfriends are driving up. I'm super excited for girl time and maybe I'll see you there. :)

Hilary said...

I often get homesick for Utah and for so many different things there! Have fun on your vacation. luv ya

Megan said...

Love the song! Ellie looks great in her little dress by the way! Welcome home, eat it all up. I know how it feels to be away from home, its hard. Enjoy everything while you're here! Congrats on the house!

Linda said...

It's a beautiful thing that I am writing this and you are upstairs sleeping.... and tomorrow I get to see those baby blue eyes and hear you laugh, play with Ellie and tease Mimi. Ahg! It's perfect.