Sunday, October 25, 2009

a lot.

i'm finally blogging again. it's a multi-tasking-type-of-a-blog-post.
you see, i'm in the bathroom while Ellie busily splishes and splashes with her crazy-bath-antics and i'm making myself write something, anything, from my phone. i've wanted to write about so many things lately-- but i seem to have been in a funk of sorts. not sure the exact cause of the funkiness- but there has been a lot going on the last few weeks:
a lot of emotions.
a lot of excitement.
a lot of grumpiness (of which i will graciously spare the details).
a lot of lonely moments now that M is officially a working man.
a lot of fun moments deciding paint colors and backyard landscaping and favorite baseboards.
a lot of stressful moments making all of theses house decisions with a crazy 16 month old who firmly believes the world is her stage...and therefore acts out randomly and in the most inconvenient ways possible.
a lot of anxious moments wondering how all this house stuff will come together.

a lot of visits to see the "puntins" (pumpkins) in various locations throughout Utah and northern California.
a lot of costume planning (you know me and my just wait for our reveal this year. it's gonna be epic).
a lot of missing family and friends.
a lot of chasing a crazy child in every direction imaginable.
a lot of wishing i was better at putting myself out there to be kind and make new friends.
a lot of phone conversations to make up for my lack of friend-making-skills.
and a lot of unsolicited (and solicited) love, snuggles, hugs and kisses from Ellie (and mr. M, of course) to help me feel that what President Gordon B Hinckley once said is very true:
it will all work out.

and so i wrote a lot about a lot of nothing.
and will now promise to write something with substance tomorrow.
or maybe the next day.



The Fredy Family said...

I totally understand the "getting out there" to make new friends. After college and before we were married, my husband and I moved back to his home town. I knew no one except him and his parents. It sucked. I was lonely for my college friends. Four years later and two kids I barely have time for the friends I did make. It will all work out! Wish I lived closer. I'd be your friend and our crazy children could drive each other crazy, but Auburn isn't too close to the bay!

Ashley Myntti said...

it WILL all work out! I need to be reminded of that a lot, so thanks for the wonderful post! I enjoyed talking to you last week and can't wait till our next chat!

The Hurst Family said...

I love your fluff Marci. It took me awhile to put myself out there when we moved here 18 years ago. Now I feel like I've always lived here. Whenever you're ready, you'll find what you need. You're the Marci...Love you. RaeAnn

Megs said...

Oh how I always love your posts because I relate all too well!

Lea Tame said...

I wanna hear about the house!!!