Thursday, September 10, 2009

maybe a giveaway?

so, almost exactly a year ago, i did my first blog giveaway.
i loved doing it.
so much, that i did another one.
and now, i haven't done one since.

what's up with that, you ask??

well, giving stuff away for free is a lot easier when you have money :)
no, but really, it does take effort.
it takes thought.
it takes planning.
and i just haven't thought or planned much in the last few months when it comes to my blog.

selfish, i know.

well, today, i was reading my friend joni's blog here. you see, she's doing a giveaway when her followers list gets up to 50.
i thought that was so cool.

you see, i get a lot of people reading my blog.
not really sure why... i mean, i just ramble off about frozen yogurt and how much i love sugar, and how cute little toddling one-year-olds are...and my crazy obsessions with t.v. and random other confessions that i probably shouldn't be telling the cyber-world. but i do. and you keep comin' back. and so i keep on bloggin'.

i could be a little more humble and say that i only blog to journal....and that i don't care about comments or followers or stuff like that.
but saying that just wouldn't be true.
because i like the comments. and i like knowing that people are following me.

again, selfish, i know.

but i like feeling warm fuzzies each time i read what one of you has to say. and i like how i feel knowing that another one of you is following my silly, sometimes pathetic, but completely worthwhile existence. makes me feel loved. and makes me wanna give back to you. hence, the giveaway idea.


here's what i'm thinkin':
i'm going to run with joni's idea....
you see that little button over there ------------------>
the one that says "FOLLOW" ??
well, click on it.
c'mon you know you want to.
cuz here's the deal:

if my followers go up to 50, i'll do a giveaway on my blog.
and every time my followers go up another 50, i'll do another one.
and another one.
why, you ask?
because i want to reward you for being here.
kind of how a puppy-owner rewards her puppy for doing a cool trick with a yummy bone.

except, i'm not talkin' a pansy-puppy-dog-bone-treat-giveaway...
no no my friends.
i'm thinkin that i'm going to start a segment called "marci's favorites" (inspired by my friend Oprah's favorites) and i'll giveaway a little goodie-bag that includes some of those favorite items.
sound fun?
i think so.
i hope you think so too.
but i can't get givin' until i know you're there.
so, go on, follow me. :)
let me know your thoughts!
until then, i'll be excitedly planning your giveaway goodie bag.



Lovers said...

Marci- I think you are adorable :) And I love love love your blog... I dont know you and you don't know me but you make me laugh and I like that :)

Joni and Rico Adams said...

Genius! ha ha. I am doing "My Favorite Things" post very soon. Because Oprah and I are tight, and she said I could. I love the favorite goodies idea and that's basically what mine will be with help from others. It's just so dang fun! And it helps when you know people are going to participate... thus the followers. Woo hoo!!!

Clay and Jenna said...

You are too cute! Good thing I already follow, huh! :)

Amy said...

Such a great idea you 2 ladies have.... I might have to jump on this bandwagon sometime soon.

Linda said...

Dearest Daughter:
I follow you...always have and always will. I cannot accept any give-away now that the theme of my life is simplifying and getting rid of all my collected giveaways of a lifetime. You have darling friends and I enjoy reading their comments too! I will be happy for the lucky winner! Hope you are still giving away free hugs and kisses... those I can have unlimited! Smiles will do as well. Wish I could see you today.
Hugs and KIsses!

Lali Johnson said...

I have to admit that I like comments too. I won't post anything if I don't think someone will respond, how selfish is that! I hope you get your 50 followers because I can't wait to be in line for your giveaway!

Heidi said...

I came accross your blog a couple weeks ago through another blog of someone we went to school with. (I went to school with you, but you probably don't know me). Love the blog... I'll follow :0)

Jen said...

Marci - It was so great to hear from you! I love your blog. You have such a creative, witty way of writing. I'm definitely a regular reader of the 3 M's. (i know, i know... i stink at commenting. i"ll try and be better.) I have no doubt you'll reach the 50 mark. Today I officially became a "follower" and can't wait for the favorite things giveaway!

Jon & Jenelle said...

Marc, You are so cute. I LOVE reading your blog. The other day my mom and I sat on her bed and just read your fun blog for like an hour. :D So although i have been stalking your blog from the beginning i am now officially a "follower" :D

ps. my cousin owns a holga and diana.. i'll ask her where she got them! She takes pretty cool pictures with them. In-fact it would be safe to say she's obsessed with them :D