Friday, September 11, 2009

my memory of it all.

crazy that it was eight years ago today that i was sitting in mr. gibbs' history class...probably yawning while listening to him sing yet another 80's rock band song that he woke up with in his head that morning....(what a nut)....
when ms. coburn from down the hall swung open the door, panting while wheeling a t.v. in our room as she exclaimed, "have you heard??"

we loved coburn, but she could be kinda wacky, so we all just rolled our eyes, giggled a bit, and probably texted some witty (and probably rude- high schoolers are cruel) remark to one of our friends (even though it wouldn't have been me because i wasn't cool enough to get a cell phone till college...but that's another story and rant for another day) while she frantically looked for an outlet to plug that retro t.v. into.

static filled the screen.
i closed my eyes.
"7:30 is toooo early for school to start," i complained to myself.

i kinda shudder when i think of how empty and frivolous that complaint was that morning.
finally the static was gone.
and the image of a plane crashing filled the screen.
over again.
"is that new york city? our new york city?" i thought to myself.

and it was.
and it has never been the same.
we have never been the same.
and we never will be the same.
we will never forget that day.

my friend ashley posted this video on her blog a few weeks ago. it's a little long...but touching...and it suits today. gives me hope. maybe it will give you some, too.

God bless the U.S.A.


Russell and Mikelle said...

Wow I had forgotten you were in Mr Gibbs class as well when sometimes a little crazy mrs coborn came running in the room I cant beleive it was so long ago its seewms as if it were just yesterday..

Ashley said...

I had a crush on Mr. Gibbs.
Isn't that so weird?!
Thanks for posting your experience. I think we just can't stop talking about how we felt that day and the love that we had for our country during the following weeks.

Linda said...

Remember how I wanted to come get you from school and you insisted on staying at school?
That evening I went to Ashlee and Val's wedding reception.... it was Balm of Gilead for my soul... HOPE returned to my heart... seeing them dancing and celebrating the beginning of their little family.
Thank YOu for this Post! It's important to remember.

Ju and Brack said...

I remember sitting next to you that day in Mr. Gobbs class. It seems so surreal. I'm glad you posted this. What a great reminder of the feelings we all felt that day. God Bless America!