Saturday, September 12, 2009

as close to admitting i like football as possible.

beer commercials.
men dressed in poofy costumes that chase after each other and some oddly shaped ball.
fanatical fans, half naked, fully painted, and emotionally charged watching these poofily-dressed-men.
e.s.p.n. anchors to analyze it all.

football is back.

which means my husband is in football hibernation mode (definition: he will secure his little body on the same spot on the couch every single Th-S (that's just college games)) to be sure NOT to miss a single minute of any obscure team of poofy costume dudes). maybe he'll move to pee. or eat a low-maintenance meal such as a hot dog (ick). other than that, he is glued. feet kicked up. phone at hand (to text his buddies/brothers/dad about the cool play he just saw).

what does this mean for me? well, for starters: there had better not be anything else that i wanna watch Th-S...because i will lose the remote control battle. every. single. time.

all the way till december (when the bowls are finally flushed and over).

and while it all is a little much for me (i mean, really, we're watching Sports Center which is showing highlights from all the games we already watched today...all the same plays, all the same interviews..... is this really necessary?), i have a little confession: i secretly like it, too.

go cougars!



Ju and Brack said...

Wow. This all sounds SO familiar. Bracken has made quite the setup on the recliner Thursday through Saturdays too. Seriously everything you said happens at our house EXACTLY!

Ju and Brack said...

Maybe Mike and Brack should be texting each other :)

Roo said...

oh my good goodness!!!!!!!!! you sound like me when i talk about taylor's obsession with the NBA. i miss you and love you!!! xoxo