Sunday, September 13, 2009

editor's picks: volume I

since i'm the editor in chief of this blog, i decided it was about time for me to organize a new column: editor's picks.

maybe for my sake.
maybe for your sake.
maybe just for venting's sake.

but for whoever's sake, i'm going to selfishly divulge a few of my favorite things as often as i want. because it's a sunday afternoon, and this is my blog. and i can do that sort of thing.

{and, when my followers list gets to 50, i will randomly select items from my favorites lists to be in my goodie bag. because i'm just that nice. want to know more? click here. want to become a follower? click over there -----> want to know why? because it's the cool thing to do}

1. austenland

light read. cute read. read it a month ago and i'm still thinking about it. makes you wish you would find yourself walking and talking like elizabeth bennet did. and makes you feel like that silly, romantically motivated girl that you know is deep down inside all of us women. (bonus: there is a modern mr. darcy involved. now we're talking, huh?)

2. edamame

i talk about edamame a lot. it looks a lot like peas in a pod. but tastes way better (especially if you coat it in kosher salt like we do). and let me tell you, it's a life-saver. i feel like i'm tastily and healthily tricking ellie into eating a protein/veggie-like substance. ellie loves it, i love it, mike loves it. and costco sells it in a huge bag of 12 individually wrapped packages for less than seven bucks. totally worth it if you ask me.

3. john frieda's "root awakening" shampoo and conditioner

now, these are a little more expensive than your suave or pantene-pro-v products....but well worth it. my hair is soft, shiny, and not-so-frizzy. and a bonus: your scalp tingles a little when you use it. oooo. love it. my mom recommended it to me....and as most of her recommendations, it did not disappoint. i alternate this product with Aveda products...(Aveda is super expensive...and is a favorite for another day) and am lovin' the results. give one, or both, a try.

4. elmo

i'm lovin' this alternative to baby einstein. i just can't help feeling robbed when i think that i willingly paid 15 bucks for a 30 minute dvd... multiple times. but ellie loved it, and i can't say i wasn't grateful for the several 30 minute chunks of freedom it gave me for the first year of ellie's life. but i feel THRILLED to have graduated to such a cute, educational, adorable segment such as sesame street. i love that its a non-profit, too! which means, for 10 bucks, i get 60 minutes of cuteness, and i know its proceeds are going straight back into sesame street or helping out under-privileged kids (instead of going into some lady's pocket that i don't know). yes, zoe can drive me crazy...and big bird can be a bit femmy, but i love that little red monster to death. and i'm thinkin' you should too.

5. hoop earrings

now this may seem like a weird one. but i didn't really jump on the "large hoop earring" bandwagon until about.....a year ago. and now, they're all i wanna wear. they dress up any t-shirt + jeans combo....make you feel flirty and young....and distract attention from that frumpy hair-do or smeared make-up (often the results of being a mama). no, they don't have to be as big as your face. and no, they shouldn't be smaller than your ear. try 'em. you'll love 'em too.(and let's be honest here: as much as i love the anthro option, my wallet (and mike's, too) would much prefer forever21's prices. just sayin').
{  $5.80}

6. hearts

while i'm on the jewelry thing: i thought i'd add this one. now, hearts are sort of a family thing...but i love them. maybe it's because of my maiden name...or maybe its because i still have that little girl in my that loves to romanticize about carving me & the mr.'s initials in a big oak tree with a heart around it. one can't be sure. but one thing is for sure: i love hearts. i own several necklaces with hearts on them, and love the simple femininity they add to any outfit. for your info: an inexpensive find...and a not-so-expensive find (though more expensive than inexpensive...if that makes sense).


7. chanel lip gloss

{ $27}

there are few make-up items that i spend more than $5 bucks at the grocery store. my lip gloss is one of them. yes, it's $27 bucks. you heard me. TWENTY SEVEN. but i love it. it doesn't fall off your lips like other ones do. and it doesn't run out in 5 minutes (even though i have a hard time not wanting to put it on every single day which makes it go a little quicker than normal). and it has shimmer and sparkle. i absolutely love this lip gloss...and will keep on buyin' it 'till M tells me its either the diapers or the gloss. and then, i may still have to think twice about it....

hope you enjoyed this weeks' editor's picks!
next week, i'll feature my cheaper picks...since these all seem to be on the pricey side...
maybe i'm just lusting after what i want but really can't have right now??
one can't be sure.



Ashley Myntti said...

Great post Marci! I am glad you liked Austenland. It sounds nice to live in a fantasy world for awhile! I am with you on the hoop earrings too! We need to chat and catch up! Love ya!

The said...

I need to borrow your book.! are definitely like your " MOM" in oh! So many ways. I agree with all your favs. Except I prefer GOLD than silver anymore. I think being a girl is the best!!!!!! Viva las mujeres! I love that Court is ultra femenine too... needless to say MIMI.
Loved the post.
And it was fun to talk to you. Hope your migraine is easing up. Mine is, but my neck needs to be flat on my bed... so Chao! Besitos!

jenna said...

i'm going to get that book! i love chanel makeup, its all i wear even though it rips me off. and edameme well i can eat it by the fistful. and i do.

i'm still looking for the right set of dvd's to buy for quinn. he has had no tv for eight months and i wonder if he's ready. i'll look in to elmo :)

Becca said...

You always come up with the cutest things to blog about. Love it! I adore both Austenland & hoop earrings. :) I am now feeling a need to try that lip gloss now too. mmmmmm fun.

So Bry is a crawling machine. It's nuts. I can't leave the room without him getting into EVERYTHING. It's causing problems with my bathroom schedule. haha. Anywho, how far are you in the book thief? I'm about halfway. It's good. Kinda reminds me of a tree grows in brooklyn a bit (but better i think). Thoughts?

Nat said...

I have actually been wanting to ask you for some book recommendations. I'm definitely going to get Austenland. I would love to get caught up in a fantasy world! If you have anymore good reads let me know!