Thursday, September 10, 2009

a little shopping advice, please:

looking to buy one of these:

and/or one of these:

thoughts from my blogging peeps? features...where's the best place to buy, etc etc??

also looking to buy some new:

(thanks to {B} )
unfortunately, those ones are $500 bucks.
i know, right?
i'm looking for the road less traveled........and a little less expensive than that (ok, a LOT less expensive than that. and yes, i'm a fan of the knee height. and no, they don't have to be brown. i like black too.). ideas? best place to shop shoes (aka best deals/selection)?

oh, and while i'm at it, i don't own any skinny jeans. i'd love some. do you have any faves? i'm diggin' elvis' style.....though i'm not really sure i could pull off that high of a waist....but i'm up for any/all suggestions.

(can you tell someone has a birthday coming up?? cough cough)



Joni and Rico Adams said...

I would love to help!

I have a Holga and Diana and I personally like the Diana a little bit better. It just gives the photos more of a dreamy look with blurred edges and has a pinhole setting which darkens the edges. If you want to look at the galleries to see a difference go to and take a peek.

Shoes:,, all great places for selection and various pricing.

Jeans: Are you looking cheap and comfy or tight and fitted and more pricey? I will give you advice on both. I have some skinnies that are so comfy but they hold you together and go great with t-shirts. These are the $50 pairs at Urban Outfitters. For the nice go out on town or dress it up a little bit, I recommend the J-Brand skinnies. Go to Anthro or Nordstrom and try on what fit is best for you, but they feel great. They are a little more stiff but go great tucked in boots or with a dressy top.

There you go. I ramble when it comes to this stuff so sorry. But I hope it helps! Let me know what camera you go with and such! :)

Amy said...

wish I could help... but I'm excited to see what everyone else has to offer because I'm in the same boat as you... all 3 of those things are on my wish list! :)

as far as the cameras.... just from the galleries I've looked at I think I'm leaning toward the Diana, but not sure.

Staci & David said...

If you can pull off skinny jeans post-childbirth, PROPS to you! Two children have knocked that option off the possibilities completely. And I have no idea on cameras, but Marci Clark takes amazing photos with her Diana on her blog....:)

Mat and Brooke said...

I would love to be able to help you, but I'm just now starting to realize that I live in a bit of a "kid cave" (of which I'm happy in...most of the time!) and know nothing about Dianas, Holgas, sexy boots, or skinny jeans! You'd do great with any or all of them, I'm sure, though!! Keep us posted on what your birthday surprises are! Maybe I can learn a little bit from you! :)
P.S. Is October 12th the big day??

Ryan Rose said...

uh oh, hipster alert!

my baby bro has a holga and i LOVE the pix it takes. only prob is that it's pricey to develop the film -- but then you have these amazingly timeless photos that are perfect for framing. you'll totally be the coolest mom in the 'hood with either lomo camera.

also, if you're looking for a regular ol' digital that takes yum shots, i am in love with my nikon coolpix P6000 -- it takes effortlessly great photos, esp. ones without flash (which i love).

and def go for the skinny jeans -- you can always get 'em used for cheap if you're not sure you'll like em. i bought my first pair of skinny jeans in '06, from a thrift store near my hostel in london. arty kids were wearing them all over the city there, but nooo one was wearing them in the states and i was completely weirded out by them at first. but i found a black pair for 5 pounds with a broken zipper and figured what the heck, i'll wear these around so i stick out less as an american (we weren't so popular overseas in '06). the zipper's still broken now (i can't sew, never could), but i have never stopped wearing them. i still wear 'em probably twice a week. you think you're going to hate them (especially those of us curvy ladies with hips) but they are way too comfortable and versatile to pass up! (plus you can tuck 'em into your boots come winter.)

you can totes rock a high waist too, girl. skirts are the gateway drug to the high-waisted pants. i live in the high-waisted spandex pencil skirt from american apparel (i know, ugh, HIPSTER).

machine washable comfy spandex FTW. those + a fitted tshirt + a scarf and pointy flats = my city uniform.