Wednesday, September 9, 2009

let my t.v. shallowness return

tonight, i'm filled with glee.

because my shows are back.

have i been counting down?
are you judging me?
will that make me any less excited to snuggle up while my lil foot naturally curls to a point and restlessly shakes to the beat of SYTYCD and glee?
absolutely not.

don't call between 8-11 pacific time.
(yeah, prime-time here is my bedtime. how am i going to deal? three letters, my friends: D.V.R.)
how did we ever live before technology??



Ashley said...

Just watched SYTYCD and am currently watching Glee. Shallowness has indeed begun and I couldn't be happier about it.

Linda said...

Oh Gezza! We are sooo hard on ourselves! Enjoy yourself! Get lost in those fun shows. Have all those little JOYS. Life is so fun when we learn to be kind to ourselves!
Just for the record.... I am NOT judging YOU.... I have enough of my own things to judge... or NOT. Happy T.Vying!

Shaylynn said...

I love TV> I mean I really love TV> I would be a lost cause without DVR> But i'm pretty good about just wasting money & buying the season once it comes out on DVD> P>S> I'm on east coast time so i get the shows wayyyyy before you!

Amber said...

Wednesday nights rock! I want to put my kids to bed extra early so I can watch in peace. TV is a treat.

The Fredy Family said...

Isn't Glee amazing???? Hope the bay is treating you guys well! Thanks for you sweet comments! :-)