Wednesday, September 9, 2009

mani/pedi combo

{imagine hot pink on those nails instead of the awesome bright orange ones you're seeing....weird how cameras and screens can distort color....}

i think there are few things that make you feel more relaxed and more girly than the mani-pedi combo. yesterday, mother-in-law, Lynne treated me, my sister-in-law Carrie, and my niece Annabelle to go out for this relaxing-girly combo and some lunch. man, my little hands & feet were in heaven. i have to admit...i'm coming to terms with how wonderful it feels to be girly. i used to laugh at girls who wanted pedi's and loved to wear pink, and had cute high heels and purses. my favorite color was blue and i liked my jansport back pack and that was it. but let's be honest....getting your nails done in hot pink makes you feel so legally blonde, you could just bend and snap. l-o-v-i-n' it. and because it was so fun and cute and made me feel so girly, i had to come home and paint little El's toes too.

{it's much harder to get a picture of a crazy baby's feet than you'd think}

i just can't wait till i can bring little ellie with me on all these fun, girly things.

thank you Lynne, Carrie & Annabelle, for such a fun day!

we can't wait for you Massachussets Chapmans to move here so we can do these girly things more often.

and to my sisters and mama:
missed you like crazy. can't wait to enjoy some girly days in October when we come! just 26 more days...but who's counting???



Linda said...

I LOVED the pictures of you girls! Tell Lynne I am sooooo happy that she had that time with you girly girls. Indeed we will have some relaxation like that when you come. Right now.... I have so much yard work, lifting, packing, moving, de-cluttering, de- junking and all that jazz.... that I will hang on to the thought of our relaxing girly day in October. 26 days? Geeza! That's forever! But I will live. Great post! The toesies and hands all looked great especially Elie's! Hugs and KIsses!

Kade & Jess said...

May I say, I love your blog!