Wednesday, April 1, 2009

let's have a chat.

ok folks.

it's time to have a lil chat about american idol.

here's a little background.

i love the show. not afraid to admit it. my family loves the show. we've been huge fans since Season 2- and yes, i was rooting for Clay Aiken. ...even though Ruben Studdard was thee nicest jolly dude on the planet. that year, i attended the AI tour...and the tour that Clay Aiken and Kelly Clarkson did together.

i've watched every season since then. a little flashback to previous seasons:

Season 3: i was not a Fantasia fan. she has such a whiny voice! i remember being very disappointed when Latoya left the show.

Season 4: HUGE Carrie Underwood fan. have both her CD's on repeat in my car most of the time.

Season 5: M became a fan of the show this season. we actually moved to Southern California while the season was going...we didn't have cable down there...but we did have a little gym in our apartment complex that did. so, i would go down every tuesday/wednesday night at 8 pm (that's when it started there) and walk/run on a tredmill while i watched the show. the 2-hr season finale just about killed me.
contestants: Taylor Hicks drove me batty. loved Daughtry. laughed every time Kelly Pickler opened her mouth. thought Katherine McPhee was drop-dead-gorgeous...and literally cried when she sang Over the Rainbow- which just so happens to be my very favorite song of all time.

Season 6: loooooovvvveeed Blake's beat-boxing. we had his version of "you give love a bad name" recorded and probably watched it 50 times. no exaggeration. we also attended the tour from this season. it was A-MAZ-ING. i blogged about it here and here.

Season 7: i loved how they finally let the contestants play their instruments- Brooke's piano playing was often awesome...though she sometimes was a little...weird. the Davids always blew me away. D. Cook's version of "Always Be My Baby" is on my IPOD for when i work out. And D. Archuletta's CD is genius. i know, that's so "junior high."

Season 8:
now for the juicy stuff. here's where you come in.

this season's been an interesting one. lots of changes:
the new judge: Kaaara or Kah-ra or however you say it. she's gorgeous. smart. and adds some great perspective as such an accomplished musician herslef.
the judges save: i wonder when they're gonna pull this bad-boy out. if Matt would've been the bottom last week i think they would've used it. i like the new rule.
the new intro: very snazzy. i bet Simon llllllooovvvveesss it.

and now for my thoughts on the new contestants (in no particular order):
(p.s. one way that i rate my favorites is whether or not i would buy their CD...pretty biased, i know...but that's what this whole post is: one giant american-idol-marci-bias)

Anoop: used to be fan. now he just bugs. he's really arrogant and i despise that characteristic in a contestant. and really, i don't think he's as good as he thinks he is. and i wouldn't buy his CD.

Megan Joy: what the heck happened to 'Megan Corkery?' i'm confused about that. but i like 'Megan Joy.' has a nice ring to it. anyways- her performances the last few weeks have been very disappointing...because i really, really like her voice. and would want to buy her CD. but i really, really have been annoyed and bored with her songs. and i have really, really been annoyed with her weirdness. sadness.

Scott: while i liked last night's performance, i'm not a Scott fan. i'd never buy his CD. and i'll just leave it at that.

Allison: agree with Randy- i HATED her outfit last night. what the heck? but man, she's got some mad vocal skills. i just wish she didn't sing such angry songs all the time. but i'd probably buy her CD.

Adam: geeze this guy is good. and weird. he totally reminds me of a broadway star- but then last week he surprised me with how sweet and lovely he can sound. i like how it's always a surprise with him. in my opinion, he's one of three that possesses "star quality" as Simon calls it. and out of curiosity, i'd definitely buy his CD.

Danny: i've liked him from the beginning. i love the sound of his voice. and i think he's one of those that i think possesses star quality. i'm just hoping that he spices it up/changes it up a bit...because even though i love him, i worry that he is just starting to sound the same each week. does that make sense? still, because i love his voice, i would buy his CD.

Matt: i'm a huuuge Matt fan. but what was up with last night? he's better than that. and what was up with him being in the bottom 2 last week after such a roof-raising performance? idol is weird that way. anyways, i hope he stays around because i love his s-t-y-l-e. and i think he has border-line star quality. and i would buy his CD. (getting bored of the CD comments yet?)

Kris: he's just hot. reminds me of jason mraz, who is one of my all time favorite naturally i like him. he was one contestant that i was super surprised made it to the top 36...heck, even top 12 on one of those weeks...but i'm soooooo glad he did because 1. he's the third who i think has star quality and 2. i think he's mega-talented. i would most definitely, without a doubt, buy his CD.

Lil: to me, she's lost. meaning: she was once soooo good, but somehow has gotten swallowed by all the talent and originality in the group. i think she has tons of potential but just isn't standing out. i want her to do well...but with the stuff she's singing right now, i would never in a million years buy her CD.

so, who are your idol favorites...and...not-so-favorites? do you agree with me? or are you gonna be one of those that won't even admit that you like the show?


who's going home tonight??????????

oh gosh.
i have no idea.
would you hate me if i said that i hope Anoop goes?
or Scott?

and thus concludes my first ranting sesh on American Idol.

don't even get me started on LOST.

thanks for listening.



Megs said...

Wow, I'm amazed by how much I agreed with you! I've watched since Season 1! Holy! And I agree with you on everything about this season except for loving Matt. I did love him...Until he did Coldplay and did HORRIBLY. It was a bit insulting. But he's continuing to be good, so we'll see if I start to like him again.

Kristi said...

I totally agree. I want Anoop outta there. I have to admit that Matt reminds me too much of Justin Timberlake so I can't love him. But I totally like Kris too, hope he keeps comin' back!

Shaylynn..Shay..Shayzers...Shaybo...Shaybe..Shaymus... said...

I watched the kelly & carrie season that was it! i get far too invested in it, when they voted off daughty i about died, & taylor hicks?? gross:) i just don't have the heart to watch it anymore because of that. katherine mcphee was amazing/is amazing. Just like the bachelor i become far too invested. I'm sure i'll watch the season finale just like i do the bachelor, i cleary have no will power.

Linda said...

I would buy Chris's CD. Maybe Danny's... but not sure... I will see in the next few weeks I suppose. The rest are a NO for me. I would love to see ADAM in Broadway if he did a great play. But I enjoy that he is in the competition and love watching him do his weird stuff. I wish he would give me some eye make-up tips! So... my choice is CHRIS... he looks the part and definitely sounds like a star . It's been an interesting season.
Viva la MUSICA!

Dionne said...

Okay, Marce.
I am not afraid to say that American Idol is the ONLY show I watch on tv. Not kidding. AND I work out to it, too. Or iron. It makes me feel justified about sitting in front of the tv for that long.

I am so excited that you love Matt, too! I like them all, but there's something about Matt Giraud, Baby! (Randy voice.) Love all the one's you love. But I have to say that even though Scott's voice isn't my favorite, he pulls at my heartstrings, and I have literally CRIED watching American Idol while doing step aerobics in front of the tv watching how sweet the other contestants are to him and how humble he is. I have not liked Adam from the beginning because he is so creepy, but he is OBVIOUSLY really good and will probably win the whole thing; I hate to say it. I made the mistake of googling, "Is Adam Lambert gay?" Don't try it. It's dangerous waters- but, yes, he is. And don't feel bad about wanting to oust Anoop. I will enjoy the show much more when he's finally off. Reminds me of my sister's creepy ex-boyfriend and way to cocky. Kris- so cute, such a great performance this week. Lil'- I hope she gets her act back together because I really have liked her. Megan- I used to REALLY REALLY like her (and still love her voice) until she started acting really immature on camera. It made me feel really embarrassed for her. Poor girl.

How's that for feedback?

Oh, and how could we forget Danny? He's a gem. But I hope he brings out the big guns soon before he becomes monotonous.

XOXO, Dionne

erin 'n phil said...

first of all, hahaha. I love how thorough that post was. I agree pretty much with everything you said. You hit it on the money. Have you noticed this season how every "group" song they do they lip-sync? Unfortunately it was mega obvious tonight when poor Scott thought he was singing in the mic and wasn't. Sad. And what was with Megan's flying around like a crow? Weird. Sad to see her go, but she probably deserved it after last night's performance.

JoSue said...

I agree with Erin on the crow thing. WEIRD!! And she was SO sassy last night to the judges after getting voted off. Whatever. I'm glad she's gone and I'm surprised to hear you'd buy her CD. I could hardly watch her. As soon as Anoop and Scott get voted off, then the competition will REALLY start. Adam is just an incredible performer. Top three. Kris has an incredible voice. Top three. I'm on the fence with Danny three.

I love your enthusiasm! I just don't think anything will compare to the two Davids though!

mimi-98 said...

alright, alright. i have to pitch in on this. marce... i agree with you a thousand percent. i truly do. i think that clay shoulda taken that season... not that rueb isn't a jolly, great guy... but clay actually went somewhere...i've heard about... well two rueben songs... so uh... oh and latoya getting voted off was SOOO disappointing. i wish that they woulda had that judge's save that season. fantasia's a weirdo. i not a fan. oh and taylor hicks... what the f? who in their right mind would actually vote for that gray-headed-psycho-no-talent-low-life? ugh. america is weird.

ok but thiss season.
i absolutely ADORE adam lambert. what a freakin star. why is he on american idol though is my question? he is in a completely different league than the others. sooo good. i'd buy his cd.
oh and i loooooove chris. he's sooo hot. the cute ugly faces that he's always making remind me of jason castro from last season... man i loved him. i'd kiss him. :) but i agree with you about megan! (what's with the joy thing... weird) she is soooo good. but i love how weird she is though. i would have totally crowed like a bird like she did. i think her and i are very similar in our strangeness.. but i wish she wouldn't have said that thing about how she doesn't care what simon thought... i mean i like her attitude and all... but frick that got her voted off. anyway.... this has turned out to be QUITE the book. i better go get it published. love you lots marce! ----------love mim.

Lynne said...

I agree with you on every person. I really like the new format. The first few weeks when so many were sent home at a time was awesome because it eliminated weeks of having to endure Tatiana or any other wierdo that the loser fans were trying to keep on. I can't believe the level of talent this year. They are awesome! Kris is briliant! He does strange stuff sometimes, but he does it in an incredible way. He really has amazing talent.

Amy said...

Yeah- you pretty much hit it on the head.

I was pretty confused and a little irritated when the season started- one word: Tatiana. I'm sorry if it's rude, I just didn't get it. The whining and whining and drama- ugh. Even if she had a great voice, that whining is not "American Idol" quality!

I'm a Danny fan- I've liked him from the start. I do have to say I'm bummed his friend didn't make it farther, and surprised too. Especially because Tatiana and the headband boy made it further than he did- not cool. He was unique and talented, that's what it's about. But, I do agree Danny needs to mix it up a bit- I'm afraid it's going to get boring. But even if he doesn't, I'd still probably buy his CD.

The whole Megan Joy/Corkery thing- totally confused! Her little dance was a little cute and a little annoying all the same. I loved her voice but I agree she went down hill, unfortunately.

Anoop- eww. I'm the same way, thought he was good- now, I can't stand how he thinks he's all that!

Adam is strange, but I like him- most of the time. Last week, I loved it... pure, raw talent. Other times I think he over does it a little and sometimes I feel like he knows he's good. Perfect for Broadway.

Kris- HUGE fan! He came out of nowhere, perfect for this competition. His strange faces and way he sings makes me laugh, but I like it too. As of right now, I think he's probably my #1.

Allison and Lil- they're ok. They can both definitely sing but I don't feel the "star quality" from either of them....

Okay- well, that's probably a lot more than you cared to know. Obvoiusly, I'm one who loves American Idol. and I'm not afraid to say it! :) Keep posting your reviews, I love it!

Amy said...

OH MY GOSH- I didn't realize how long that was until I clicked publish- sorry for the novel! ahhh

Marce said...

Megs: so sad you don't like Matt. :( but, glad you agree with me on the rest!
Kristi: i'm sad you can't like Matt too....
Shay: get watchin, girl! you're missin' out!
Mom: i love talking IDOL with you. it's da bessssssst.
Dionne: i loved reading your commentary. and i looovvee that you are into idol! makes me so happy and feel a little less...guilty? i dunno if that's the right word, but whatev. and i have to agree with you about Scott- he is does tug at my lil heart, too...but i'm just not a fan of his voice/style, i guess. i dunno. call me mean. and about Megan, WOW- she was at her peak of immaturity on Wednesday, wouldn't you say? i cannot believe she caw'd like a bird. i was cringing.
Erin: Mike and i have actually rewound our DVR several times to prove how they are lip-synching on the group song...what the heck is up with that??????? so weird!! i'm glad that someone else noticed that.
JoSue: I can't wait for the real competition to begin, either! i have a feeling it's gonna be "blazin' hot" as Randy would say :)
Mimi: i'm sorry to say, Megan is WAAAAY weirder than you.
Lynne: Tatiana was the worst contestant IDOL has ever seen. why in the world would they bring her back????????? ugh. i was dying- pure agony!!
Amy: we always seem to see eye-to-eye on things! love it!

Loved all of your input! we'll continue idol reviews in the near future because it was way too much fun. xoxo

Rick said...

Hey Marci,

Well, we didn't start watching until season 5, but I am amazed that I completely agree with everything you say about season 5, 6, 7 and 8! Even to the point of Somewhere Over the Rainbow being one of my favorites. I have like five different versions on my ipod, even though I hardly ever listen to my ipod except on a plane. While I also teared up on Katherine's version, my all time favorite is by Israel K. I love that one. As for this season, Anoop sings like a girl and must go. Can't stand him. Adam is very strange, but I look forward most to him. I agree with your critique. I think it is funny that I have become an American Idol fan. Great show. Love all the judges....very unique and great combination. See you soon. We think your hair looks great by the way. Love, Dad C.